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'Yesterday I done a 10k run at pace' - Conor McGregor gives Thor ‘The Mountain’ Bjornsson an injury update

The Mountain Bjornsson and Conor McGregor
The Mountain Bjornsson and Conor McGregor
Modified 17 Feb 2021

Conor McGregor has given an update on his injured leg on Instagram after strongman Thor Bjornsson inquired about his supplement routine.

Bjornsson - best known for his role as "The Mountain" in the HBO television series Game of Thrones - is one of the world's strongest men. He has set several records in strongman competitions worldwide.

When Conor McGregor posted a picture of himself enjoying his holidays while sunbathing on Instagram, Bjornsson could not help but notice the Irishman's muscled legs.

"I see coffee and HUGE quads. What vitamins are you on?" Bjornsson inquired Conor McGregor.

The Irishman quickly replied back, explaining his conditioning and training routine:

"Thank you, Thor! The main vitamin I am on currently is Vitamin C. Consistency! With the 'Tidl Sport' spray, I feel I can just keep going. Yesterday I done a 10km run at pace. My first since the fight, and my calfs were literally screaming after it. I thought for a minute, 'oh no!'
"But I done three rounds with the 'Tidl Sport' spray across the calfs, ankles, hamstrings, and quads, and today I woke with literally zero effects of the run. I sprang from the bed ready to go again! I just can't get over this spray man I'm telling you. It is magic! Hope all is well in the land of ice. I hope I can visit again soon! Thank you for the message!" wrote Conor McGregor.

Conor McGregor suffered a severe nerve injury to his right leg during his fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 257. Many MMA fans and experts were worried thinking that "The Notorious One" would not be able to train and compete for some time. However, it seems like Conor McGregor is slowly getting back to his training rhythm.


When Conor McGregor first met "The Mountain"

Standing at 6 ft 9 in, Thor Bjornsson is a foot taller than Conor McGregor. But that did not stop the Irishman from trying his luck against "The Mountain" in a sparring session.

While in Ireland filming episodes of "Game of Thrones" back in 2015, the Icelandic strongman and actor stopped by Conor McGregor's gym in Dublin for a visit.

The two played around for a few minutes, with Conor McGregor unleashing some quick punches to the giant man's body. Although Bjornsson did not engage with the blows himself, the sheer difference in size between the two athletes was already something to behold.

Published 17 Feb 2021, 02:41 IST
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