"You had a meltdown because a girl" - Sean Strickland unleashes "c*nt" retort to Ryan Garcia's podcast breakdown ridicule

Sean Strickland (right) and Ryan Garcia (left) trade verbal jabs [Image via: Getty Images, @kingryan on Instagram]
Sean Strickland (right) and Ryan Garcia (left) trade verbal jabs [Image via: Getty Images, @kingryan on Instagram]

Sean Strickland and Ryan Garcia recently exchanged barbs on social media. After Garcia poked fun at Strickland's body language during his emotionally charged podcast conversation with comedian Theo Von, 'Tarzan' lashed out by bringing up the boxer's relationships and offered to fight him to settle their beef.

For context, Garcia's online activity over the past few days had many fans concerned about his mental health and well-being. He recently addressed his erratic posts and stated that he didn't have access to his social media accounts after losing his phone. However, he made it clear that he was doing fine.

Strickland wasn't happy to see Garcia address his emotional issues on social media and slammed the boxer for it. 'Tarzan' penned a lengthy post on X to remind Garcia that he was a wealthy athlete and people lived in far worse conditions. Garcia soon clapped back by calling Strickland a "bully" and reminded him of his sparring beatdown against popular 'Red Pill' streamer Sneako.

After some more back and forth, the 'KingRy' posted some screenshots of Strickland's body language during his emotional breakdown on Theo Von's This Past Weekend podcast and wrote:

"Toughest man alive. Captain America look different to me."

Strickland wasn't happy about Garcia's X post and responded in the comments section. Admitting that he had "a 3-min slip" on the show, he wrote:

"Lmao, I had a 3-minute slip on a podcast talking about real shit... You had a meltdown because of a girl haha, we ain't the same... You're just another c**t out there looking for attention. You get enough likes? Lmao, and bro, you know where to find me. Be about it, don't talk about it."

Sean Strickland issues an apology to Ryan Garcia after chasing his "demons" out

After their intense social media back and forth, Sean Strickland recently issued an apology to Ryan Garcia. 'Tarzan' is easily among the most outspoken fighters in the UFC and rarely holds back from speaking his mind. However, Strickland is also known for being emotionally aware and capable of expressing himself accordingly when he needs to.

In a recent video posted to X, the former 185-pound king issued an apology to Garcia. Sean Strickland revealed that he just finished training and wasn't as angry at Garcia as he was before. He stated:

"Yo, Garcia, bro. I just got that training. I tried to kill all my friends, the demons are gone. I feel better. Bro, I hope you feel better too man. We can still fight to the death. I hope you feel better."

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