"You needs a few slaps across the face" - True Geordie reviews Andrew Tate's messages from Romanian case files

True Geordie breaks down Andrew Tate
True Geordie (inset) breaks down Andrew Tate's alleged messages from Romanian case files [Images courtesy: @truegeordieofficial on Instagram and @Cobratate on X]

True Geordie (real name Brian Davis) recently scrutinized Andrew Tate's purported messages sourced from his Romanian legal documents.

The polarizing social media figure, alongside his sibling Tristian Tate, found themselves in the custody of Romanian authorities in Bucharest in December 2022.

Their arrest was linked to allegations spanning a spectrum of serious charges, including r*pe, money laundering, human trafficking, illicit filming, and orchestrating a criminal syndicate engaged in the exploitation of vulnerable women.

The case had drawn widespread international interest, as the Tate siblings vehemently proclaimed their innocence, asserting that their apprehension was a result of manipulation by powerful figures, whom they cryptically dubbed 'The Matrix'. They were placed under house arrest last April only to be freed from restrictions in August due to a lack of evidence.

In a recently uploaded video on X, the British YouTuber asserted that he possesses access to legal documents allegedly containing a text exchange between Andrew Tate and a female victim.

Geordie claimed that Tate enticed the young woman into participating in the adult webcam industry, ambiguously referred to as "TikTok," promising substantial earnings or else threatening physical harm:

"He's really sort of pushing her towards it without saying it bluntly. 'You do well to submit to me. You need a few slaps across the face. We will talk after I receive the videos, the slap is coming.' Later on she obviously did the video."

Check out True Geordie's video below:

Before gaining widespread recognition, Tate ran a webcam enterprise. The former kickboxing champion openly acknowledged recruiting women for this endeavor, creating accounts for them, coaching them to share emotive narratives with men online, and consequently, generating substantial financial gains from male patrons.

Does Andrew Tate have involvement in cases outside of Romania?

Andrew Tate and his brother are also facing a civil lawsuit in the U.K. filed by numerous women who accused them of physical and sexual assault. The allegations surfaced publicly in April 2022, when three purported victims announced their intent to pursue legal recourse.

Subsequently, in June, a fourth woman joined the ongoing litigation, alleging that Tate r*ped her and rendered her unconscious by choking her after meeting him at a club in 2014.

Last month, the Tate brothers were apprehended by Romanian authorities after arrest warrants were issued in the U.K. pertaining to alleged sexual offenses dating from 2012 to 2015. Although they were released the following day due to insufficient evidence, the specter of extradition looms over them.

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Edited by Tejas Rathi
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