Youtubers vs. Tiktokers: Who won the Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall fight?

Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall
Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall

Staying true to his prediction, Austin McBroom won the main event of the YouTubers vs. Tiktokers event by defeating Bryce Hall via TKO.

Austin McBroom was able to dominate Bryce Hall over the course of the entire fight. McBroom threw swift combinations at the 21-year-old social media sensation.

Austin McBroom put great pressure on Bryce Hall. The latter was unable to respond to the pressure, given that it was his first time competing in boxing. Forty-five seconds into round three, Austin McBroom lit Bryce Hall up one last time with a combination that staggered the latter to a point of no return. After pulling Bryce Hall to safety, the referee waved the fight off after ascertaining that he would not be able to continue the fight. Austin McBroom won the fight via TKO in 45 seconds of round three.

Austin McBroom put on an impressive performance inside the ring. His strikes were swift and strong. In addition, McBroom was able to limit his opponent's abilities to the absolute minimum with the way he moved and the pressure he exerted. Thus, it is safe to say that Austin McBroom might just return to the ring for another bout sooner than we think.

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Who else won on the Austin McBroom vs. Bryce Hall card?

Here is a list of winners from the event:

AnEsonGib vs. Taylor Holder ended in a majority draw

Vinnie Hacker defeated Deji via round-three knockout.

DDG defeated Nate Wyatt via unanimous decision

Faze Jarvis defeated Michael Le via round-three knockout

Landon McBroom defeated Ben Azelart via round three stoppage

Ryan Johnston beat Cale Saurage via round-five TKO

The event turned out to live up to its hype. Even though the hype around it was generated not because of the fighting skills but because of the social media hype around all the stars on the card, the fights turned out to be quite impressive and entertaining.

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