'Zapatito' in Big Brother Brasil: Former UFC star caught in a storm after intimate moment with Dania Méndez

Former UFC fighter and Big Brother Brasil contestant Antonio Carlos Jr. aka
Former UFC fighter and Big Brother Brasil contestant Antonio Carlos Jr. aka 'Zapatito'

Former UFC fighter Antonio Carlos Junior aka 'Zapatito' is making headlines for sharing an intimate moment with influencer Dania Mendez.

An exchange of participants between the Mexican reality TV show La casa de los famosos and its Brazilian version recently made Dania Mendez a part of Big Brother Brasil. The influencer told The People:

"Happy, very happy, they received me very well. We're getting to know each other little by little, but the reception I have now, the love, this reception really feels very nice. I'm happy. I never expected it. I'm still in shock " h/t Google translate

Mendez recently had her first party inside the house, which did not end without controversy. The Mexican influencer was dancing very close to 'Zapatito', who allegedly 'stole' a kiss from her.

"Whiskey makes you kiss Mexican women,"
"She's the first Mexican I've kissed," Antonio replied.

While Dania Mendez also admitted that it was her first kiss with a Brazilian, she said that 'Cara de Zapato' 'stole' it.

"This kid is tremendous," Mendez said

Watch the clip below:

Team 'Zapatito' issued an apology to fellow Big Brother Brasil contestant Dania Mendez

Antonio Carlos Junior was criticized across social media platforms for kissing an intoxicated Dania Mendez. The former UFC middleweight's team has since issued an apology to the influencer and her family, making no excuses for his actions.

The statement released by team 'Zapatito' read as follows:

“We know that certain attitudes cannot happen, even as a joke. Therefore, we offer our most sincere apologies to Dania and her family for the events of the early morning. When he leaves home and sees these images, 'Sapato' will need to understand what happened, review his behavior, apologize and learn that there are limits that cannot be overcome” h/t Google Translate

'Cara de Zapato' competed in the UFC between 214 and 2021, racking up a 7-5 promotional record. He was released from the UFC in January 2021 after suffering his third straight loss.

'Zapatito' subsequently went on to sign with the PFL where he is currently undefeated in six outings, including three first-round submission wins.

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