5 ONE Championship Super Series knockouts you should see

ONE Championship bantamweight Nong-O Gaiyanghadao (right) produced one of the best knockouts in ONE Super Series history. (Image courtesy of ONE Championship)
ONE Championship bantamweight Nong-O Gaiyanghadao (right) produced one of the best knockouts in ONE Super Series history. (Image courtesy of ONE Championship)

ONE Championship is changing the game with its revolutionary ONE Super Series.

Ever since its inception in 2018, ONE Super Series has produced some of the most heart-stopping moments in martial arts. Featuring the very best in kickboxing and Muay Thai, ONE Super Series has amassed a plethora of knockouts FOR its library.

Just look at this stunning walk-off KO by Muay Thai superstar Tawanchai P.K Saenchaimuaythaigym:

There's more to where that came from. From concussive punches and razor-sharp elbows to jaw-dropping head kicks, ONE Championship Super Series never runs out of action. From notable legends like Giorgio Petrosyan, Nong-O Gaiyanghadao and Rodtang Jitmuangnon, ONE Super Series has a murderers' row of killers capable of shutting the lights off in an instant.

Today we list 5 of the most entertaining and unbelievable knockouts in ONE Championship's Super Series. The kind of knockouts you wouldn't believe just happened.

#5. Han Zi Hao's right hand from hell (ONE Championship: Pursuit of Greatness)

Former Top King Muay Thai World Champion and ONE Championship bantamweight kickboxer Han Zi Hao is like a volcano. Just when you think he's dormant, the seemingly timid Han explodes out of nowhere with absolute fury.

The Zhengzou native opts to wait and calculate as he finds openings for his lethal counterstrikes. Once the Chinese Sanda expert sees an opening, however, it's a world of pain for his opponents.

Han's perfect display of cunning and fight IQ was on full display against Ryan Jakiri of the Philippines. The Chinese kickboxer started slow, allowing Jakiri a false sense of confidence as he came out blasting with kicks and punches.

Midway into the first round, Jakiri seemed to be busier as Han looked like he couldn't pull the trigger. With a minute and 26 seconds left in the round, however, Han exploded with a right hand straight from hell.

After having his kick caught by Jakiri, instead of moving away Han went in with a high block to shield his incoming right hand. The result was a perfect right cross Jakiri never saw coming. The Filipino was out before he hit the canvas.

Watch the full fight here:


#4. Yukinori Ogasawara's unbelievable spinning elbow (ONE Championship: Pinnacle of Power)

ONE Championship bantamweight Muay Thai tactician Yukinori Ogasawara is a marvel to watch. Just witnessing the Japanese sensation fight is like going through a Muay Thai 101 class. His fundamentals are on point while his slick counters always pack knockout power.

Ogasawara's fight with European Kickboxing champion Rui Botelho was one for the history books. In the first round, the much shorter Botelho nullified his reach disadvantage by effectively fighting in the pocket and inside the clinch. Ogasawara looked bewildered as the Portuguese kickboxer went in guns blazing while effectively closing the distance.

However, Botelho's success became his downfall. In the closing moments of the second round, the aggressive European champion became too eager inside the pocket. In a split-second window, Ogasawara, with the vision of an eagle, saw an opening for a spinning back elbow. The perfectly-timed strike landed on Botelho's temple and ended the match just like that.

Watch the full fight here:


#3. Nong-O Gaiyanghadao's legendary right hand (ONE Championship: Edge of Greatness)

To say that ONE Championship bantamweight Muay Thai champion Nong-O Gaiyanghadao is a living legend sounds like an understatement. The Sakon Nakhon native is a seven-division Muay Thai champion. In his illustrious career, Nong-O won two Thailand titles, one Rajadamnern Stadium title, three Lumpinee Stadium titles, and a ONE Championship title.

Nong-O's Muay Thai fight IQ is unmatched as the pound-for-pound great seems to be three steps ahead of his opponents' every move. Together with his ring intelligence is Nong-O's pristine technique and devastating power. All of this was on full display in his fight against the very game Saemapetch Fairtex.

Neither fighter wasted time as Saemapetch answered Nong-O's surgical strikes with wild counters. The second round saw Nong-O's otherworldly precision and Matrix-like defense becoming too much for Saemapetch.

After some back-and-forth action in the third round, Nong-O showed the world why he's a legend. Picking his shots like a sniper, the champion landed a right cross down the pipe that knocked out the challenger in the fourth. It was one of the cleanest, most devastating right crosses we've seen in ONE Championship Super Series.

Watch the full fight here:


#2. Janet Todd's frightening head kick (ONE Championship: Century)

ONE Championship atomweight kickboxing champion Janet 'JT' Todd produced one of the most memorable head-kick knockouts in recent memory.

Her stunning decimation of Ekaterina Vandaryeva at ONE Championship: Century was like a scene from a movie. Fighting under Muay Thai rules, the slick Todd effectively closed the distance to nullify the height and reach of Vandaryeva. Todd also peppered Vandaryeva with hard leg and body kicks in the pocket.

In the second round, 'JT' surprised Vandaryeva by kicking high instead of kicking low. Expecting another low kick, Vandaryeva didn't see Todd's thunderous head kick as it connected to her jaw. What resulted was the skin-crawling sight of a stunned Vanderyeva walking away before dropping to the canvas. It was bone-chilling.

Watch the entire fight in this video:


#1. Superbon shocks the world (ONE Championship: First Strike)

Superbon Banchamek produced perhaps the most highlight reel-worthy headkick knockout in ONE Championship history. The relatively unknown Superbon shocked the kickboxing world by knocking out the legendary Giorgio 'The Doctor' Petrosyan.

Petrosyan, known as one of the greatest pound-for-pound kickboxers of all time, entered the ONE circle with an air of invincibility about him. Having only lost twice in over 100 fights prior, Petrosyan was the heavy favorite to win the bout. Superbon, however, had other plans that night.

Early on, Petrosyan used a bullying type of offense to pressure Superbon. Superbon, to his credit, answered Petrosyan's aggression with his own. The two traded debilitating kicks and punches, with Petrosyan being the constant aggressor.

Early in the second round, however, Superbon made history by connecting with a textbook left hook-high kick combination in the pocket. The crowd was absolutely stunned to see a god-like figure drop to the floor like he'd been shot by a gun. The knockout was ruthless, violent, and absolutely unforgettable.

Watch the full fight here:


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