5 things you probably didn't know about Nate Diaz

UFC 244 Masvidal v Diaz
Nate Diaz: One of the UFC's biggest superstars

Nate Diaz is one of the biggest stars in UFC history. The Stockton legend's rivalry with Ireland's first-ever world champion Conor McGregor elevated him to MMA superstardom. While the former UFC fighter once lived under the shadow of his older brother Nick Diaz, 209's finest has since eclipsed him.

Now, he is one of the few fighters whose names are more than familiar to the UFC's casual fans. His name has become synonymous with the promotion, for whom he became a bonafide pay-per-view draw. Jon Anik once erroneously described the Stockton legend as an enigma.

However, the BMF title founder has always been most admired for his authenticity. Nate Diaz hides nothing and always expresses his exact thoughts. The former UFC lightweight always says what he means. Yet, despite that fact, there are things that fans still don't know about Nate Diaz and this list details 5 of them.

#5. Nate Diaz is a father

Much of the UFC legend's personal life is kept away from the scrutinous eye of the public. Besides his close relationship with older brother Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz has revealed little else about his home life. However, after his dominant win over Anthony Pettis at UFC 241, a stunning personal detail about him emerged.

At the post-fight press conference, the former UFC lightweight was asked about the then-recent birth of his child and what fatherhood was like for him. During the the initial stages of his feud with Conor McGregor, the Stockton legend was taunted by the Irishman for supposedly having no one but his older brother.

'The Notorious' stated that after fighters receive a contract to face him, they often call their wives in celebration. Meanwhile, the Irishman claimed, Nate Diaz rang up Nick Diaz. Yet, years later, Nate Diaz revealed that he not only had a longtime girlfriend but was a father: a detail that most fans still miss.

#4. Nate Diaz engaged in a brief feud with CM Punk

At the very end of 2014, former WWE champion CM Punk signed a multi-fight contract with the UFC. The then former pro-wrestler hoped to embark on a new journey in a different sport, while the UFC intended on capitalizing on his popularity with the pro-wrestling fanbase to generate PPV sales.

Countless mixed martial artists voiced their displeasure upon hearing of CM Punk's signing. The least of all was due to his complete inexperience, plus more deserving fighters in other promotions being ignored in favor of what many at the time branded a shameless cash-grab.

Among the UFC's critics was Nate Diaz. According to the Stockton legend, the unearned inclusion of someone with—at the time—no professional or even amateur fights in the top MMA promotion in the world made everyone an amateur by proxy.

Stockton's finest went a step further by directly insulting CM Punk and scorning the entire situation. The brief feud between the two was later resolved, according to the former WWE champion.

#3. He started his own MMA promotion

During the leadup to Nate Diaz's final UFC fight, much of the talk revolved around what the Stockton legend would do after finishing his contract. Fans speculated as to whether he'd ply his trade in Bellator under Scott Coker, or if he'd pursue a career in other combat sports like boxing or Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

Two months after his last UFC bout, the former lightweight's path remains unclear. However, in the buildup to UFC 279, Stockton's finest made an announcement that no one but those in his inner circle could have predicted. Nate Diaz unveiled the launch of his own MMA promotion titled Real Fight, Inc.

Long after its official announcement, some of the details surrounding Real Fight, Inc. remain a mystery. Still, not many know that Nate Diaz has, in fact, become an MMA promoter himself like former boss Dana White.

#2. He has been TKO'd before

One of the most enduring myths in UFC folklore is that Nate Diaz has never been finished via strikes. As one of MMA's biggest stars, his career has always been under the microscope. Despite the keen interest fans have had in his affairs even prior to his rise to superstardom, many are unaware of certain details about him.

Due to his granite chin and overall toughness, it is nearly impossible to see Stockton's finest being finished in a bout. Besides a controversial doctor stoppage against Jorge Masvidal, most fans struggle to note any fight in which the 209 legend was truly finished via strikes.

However, the truth is stranger than fiction. While the 209 legend has walked through countless power shots from knockout artists, he was once TKO'ed by former Strikeforce champion Josh Thomson. He was rocked by a head kick and TKO'ed by follow-up strikes in the 2nd round en route to a definitive loss.

#1. Nate Diaz has been submitted before

The 209 legend has lambasted fighters like Dustin Poirier for their submission losses. He went so far as to label 'The Diamond' a white belt due to being caught in a rear-naked choke by former UFC lightweight champion Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Despite what many fans might think, the Stockton superstar has been submitted before in his WEC days. At WEC 24, he suffered a defeat at the hands of Hermes França. The Brazilian's win came via armbar in the 2nd round, marking the only instance when the 206 legend lost via submission.

The win was the 7th installment in the Brazilian's 8-fight win streak. It was also his second title defense of his WEC lightweight championship. Meanwhile, the loss was the second in the UFC superstar's career.

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