What is 'longevity' in EA Sports' UFC 4 game? 

Credits: ufc4-- IG | back images-- youtube (ufc4 trailer)
Credits: ufc4-- IG | back images-- youtube (ufc4 trailer)

The 'longevity' meter in UFC 4 determines the time remaining in a fighter's career after each fight.

In career mode, the fighter's overall 'longevity' is calculated once the fight is over. The meter basically indicates the accumulated amount of damage the fighter has taken since he first stepped inside the octagon. Once the 'longevity' meter is full, it's time for him to retire and call it a career.

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This simply implies that if a fighter is able to minimize the damage he sustains in every fight, his career is likely to last longer. In contrast, if he regularly engages in extremely bloody duels, the damage will shoot up and his 'longevity' will run out fast.

However, players can take good care of their fighters' health and be careful during fights. Unfortunately, regardless of how careful they are, a fighter's career in the game will not exceed 40 fights.

Moreover, even if the player manages to take little to no damage for the majority of his fights, the damage level will still spike when he reaches the final four or five bouts of his career, per Shack News.

Watch what happens when 'longevity' runs out in UFC 4 below:


EA is still updating UFC 4 but UFC 5 could already be in the works

Since its official release in August, EA Sports has been constantly updating UFC 4 with patches. However, there's a good chance that the company has also started working on the game's next edition, UFC 5.

As it stands, UFC 5 is not yet available for pre-order. The possible date of the game going live for pre-order is the same as the cover athlete reveal, according to Real Sport 101.

A new UFC game is being released every two years. Based on the history of its official release dates, the report assumed that the cover reveal and pre-orders will likely go live in either May or June of 2022. EA Sports is expected to have UFC 5 available on PS4 and Xbox One as well.


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