WATCH: Ben Askren's hilarious reaction upon looking up 'Tony Ferguson Harvard' on the web

Ben Askren (left) and Tony Ferguson at Harvard Business School (right) [Images courtesy: @danielcormier on YouTube and @tonyfergusonxt on Instagram]
Ben Askren (left) and Tony Ferguson at Harvard Business School (right) [Images courtesy: @danielcormier on YouTube and @tonyfergusonxt on Instagram]

Ben Askren recently discovered that Tony Ferguson has been attending Harvard Business School and was astounded. 'Funky' was skeptical at first, but after verifying the information online, he was left somewhat speechless at the possibility of Ferguson at the prestigious college.

Check out Tony Ferguson's Instagram post of him at Harvard:

Askren and Daniel Cormier broke down the possibility of Tony Ferguson coaching in the upcoming season of The Ultimate Fighter (TUF), when 'DC' informed 'Funky' that Ferguson would need to leave Harvard Business School if he were to coach on TUF.

Ben Askren then said this:

"This is not true... Oh [Cormier] isn't lying, that's wild. He had the grades to get in?! No. Oh my goodness. I don't even know what to say. I'm gonna go check the school directory to see if this is true. Watch a couple of interviews and figure it out. Is this real?! Now you're the conspiracy theorist... Yeah he walked on school, bought a Harvard shirt and stole someone's letter [of admission]... I still don't know if I believe it."

Watch the video below from 13:30:


Tony Ferguson is an enigma in a sport filled with unique people. Endless compilation videos exist online of the quirky interviews and out-of-the-box training techniques employed by 'El Cucuy'.

A glance at Ferguson's Twitter account will also provide an insight into the mind of 'El Cucuy', with his tweets sometimes being difficult to decipher.

See the following tweet below:

Ben Askren doesn't believe Jorge Masvidal vs. Gilbert Burns will be competitive

Ben Askren has shared his thoughts on the recently announced welterweight matchup between Jorge Masvidal and Gilbert Burns. The bout will be the co-main event of UFC 287 on April 9, over a year since 'Gamebred' last competed.

'Funky' offered his prediction for the contest during the latest episode of The DC Check-In on YouTube and said:

"If [Jorge] Masvidal beats Gilbert [Burns] - it's just not going to happen - but if Masvidal were to beat Gilbert... I don't think it's going to be all that competitive. Gilbert's good! His wrestling's solid." [Watch the YouTube video above from 12:15]

Both Masvidal and Burns have claimed that the other was "ducking" a fight with them. However, the UFC has been able to get both parties to agree on a fight contract and the pair are set to settle their differences in the octagon in April.

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