When a Monster Energy Can was placed on Jon Jones' shoulder post his win over Dominick Reyes at UFC 247

Jon Jones at UFC 247 after defeating Dominick Reyes [Image courtesy: @heshroot on Reddit]
Jon Jones at UFC 247 after defeating Dominick Reyes [Image courtesy: @heshroot on Reddit]

Jon Jones last appeared in the UFC against Dominick Reyes at UFC 247. The bout took place in February 2020, and has been regarded by many as the closest fight of Jones' career.

'Bones' won the fight via a controversial decision, and it seems that the surprising result may have led fans to miss a rather humorous moment that took place during Jones' post-fight interview, until now.

The majority of UFC fighters are sponsored by Monster Energy, and are obligated to hold a can of Monster in their hand during a post-fight interview. But during Jon Jones' interview with Joe Rogan at UFC 247, he totally forgot about his 'duty' to Monster Energy.

A member of Jones' team appeared to hand the fighter a can of Monster, but 'Bones' did not take the can. This forced the anonymous team member to hold the can on Jones' shoulder, just as a parrot would sit on one's shoulder.

"Someone tries to get Jones to hold a monster can after beating Dominick Reyes, but he doesn't take it so they jut hold it on his shoulder like a parrot."

Watch the video below:

Jon Jones has not fought since prior to the covid pandemic. 'Bones' has transitioned from light heavyweight to heavyweight in a bid to become a UFC two-division champion, and has spent time bulking up in size to prepare for heavier opposition.

It is unclear who Jones will face in his much anticipated return, but rumors have circled that 'Bones' could face Francis Ngannou for the UFC heavyweight title in 2023.

Jon Jones will be "successful" at heavyweight according to Georges St-Pierre

Jon Jones is preparing to make his highly anticipated heavyweight debut in 2023 against one of the division's top contenders. 'Bones' has been touted as the greatest MMA fighter of all time by many fans, and is yet to truly taste defeat in the octagon.

Jones currently has a record of 26-1, with his only defeat being Matt Hamill at The Ultimate Fighter 10 Finale. 'Bones' was disqualified due to illegal downward elbows.

Given his level of dominance in MMA, Jones' move to heavyweight will be a successful venture, according to fellow all-time MMA great Georges St-Pierre.

'Rush' recently spoke to MMAFighting.com, and said the following about Jones' move to heavyweight:

"It looked like he put the weight at the right place.. I’m a fan of Jon Jones, I can’t wait to see him come back. A lot of people are like, ‘Yeah, he was out for a long time.’... Don’t forget that he’s Jon Jones. He’s arguably the best fighter of all-time too. He can make a comeback and I think he’s going to be successful when he does."

Watch the interview below:


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