Which fighter has the most submissions in UFC history?

UFC 256: Ferguson v Oliveira
UFC 256: Ferguson v Oliveira

The first edition of the UFC way back in 1994 introduced the world to the uniqueness and creativity of BJJ.

And with that, fight fans across the world understood the importance of submissions.

When Royce Gracie was tapping out his bigger and more popular opponents at UFC 1, the world took notice of the fact that there was more to fighting than punches and kicks.

Since then there have been numerous UFC fighters who have been masters of the submission game.

From BJJ masters to world-class wrestlers, numerous Octagon warriors have utilized submissions to neutralize their opponents.

But who holds the record for the most submissions in UFC history?

The answer is Brazilian BJJ specialist Charles Oliveira.

Oliveira has a total of 14 submissions in UFC.

Do Bronx is a 3rd-degree black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and utilizes his ability to ground his opponents and dish out wins.

He has fought both at featherweight and lightweight and also possesses 2 wins by KO.

With 16 finishes, he is tied at the top of the UFC for most finishes along with fellow veteran Donald Cerrone.

His performances have also ensured that he gets awarded post-fight bonuses frequently and has earned nearly USD 1 million through bonuses alone.

He, however, is not a one-trick pony as evident in his performance against Tony Ferguson at UFC 256.

He has a total of 19 submissions in his pro career with 4 of those being via anaconda choke.

Other submission specialists in the UFC

Demian Maia is second in the list of fighters with the most submissions in UFC history. The veteran is 42 years old and towards the end of his MMA journey but is still considered a dangerous fighter at welterweight. He has submitted 11 opponents in the UFC.

Royce Gracie may just be the OG of submissions in the UFC being the first fighter to utilize the skill. He has 10 wins via submissions in the promotion.

Stockton native and fan favorite Nate Diaz is next on the list with 8 submission wins. Incidentally, he has 3 additional submissions if we count his wins as a contestant on The Ultimate Fighter.

He is tied with Jim Miller and Frank Mir who also have 8 wins via submissions.

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