Skull and Bones is free for a week to celebrate Season 2 release

Get your Skull and Bones for free! (Image via Ubisoft)
Get your Skull and Bones for free! (Image via Ubisoft)

Pirate-themed open-world co-op Skull and Bones is officially going free for a limited time. Although heavily inspired by games like Sea of Thieves, Skull and Bones never truly reached the same levels of critical appreciation and playerbase. However, the game is still worth a playthrough and if the $70 price tag had been putting you off from taking the title up then this is your chance to try it without spending a dime from your pocket.

Skull and Bones is celebrating the launch of its second season, Chorus Havoc. With this new season, there's lots of new content like ships, enemies, and weapons coming to Skull and Bones. To sweeten the deal further, Ubisoft has decided to make the title completely free on the Epic Games store and their in-house online store, to attract a new wave of players.

Skull and Bones made free for the Season 2 update

Fight the tides, claim the sea (Image via Ubisoft)
Fight the tides, claim the sea (Image via Ubisoft)

Skull and Bones had a rocky start with some problematic bugs during launch, and it wasn’t able to draw the crowd that Ubisoft expected. Critics also gave it average scores, further pushing it into limbo. But with constant updates and events, Ubisoft is trying to push the game back into the spotlight.

With the release of Season 2, Ubisoft is likely hoping to have a new set of players join the game. To incentivize gamers further, Skull and Bones has been made free from May 30, 2024, to June 6, 2024.

During this time, you can simply download and play the game without any hassle. However, if you want to continue playing after the event ends, you will have to purchase the full game. All the progress that you have made in the free version will carry over to the full version. There is also no limit to the free version, and you can progress as far as you want during the event period.

The free period will launch alongside Season 2, Chorus of Havoc. Season 2 will be divided into four episodes, each with new content to unlock. The narrative will follow the Compagnie Royale megacorporation, which has hired the Hubac Twins to eliminate you. Hubac Twins were opera singers at one point in their lives, but they eventually switched careers and now work as killers for hire.

Apart from the struggle against the Hubac Twins, you can also participate in various world events that will be featured in the new season. There is a new elite ship to win through the event rewards. In the end, the new season is a great reason to start Skulls and Bones, and with the free period, there’s not much for you to lose if decide to give it a try.

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