Taylor Rogers

Taylor Rogers

Personal Information

Full Name Taylor Allen Rogers
Date of Birth December 17, 1990
Nationality American
Height 1.9 m
Role Pitcher

Taylor Rogers: A Brief Biography

Taylor Allen Rogers
Taylor Allen Rogers

Taylor Allen Rogers is an American professional baseball player in the Major League Baseball. He was born in Colorado, United States on 17 December 1990. Rogers plays the position of a pitcher in the MLB.

Rogers played for the Kentucky Wildcats while he was in College. He was drafted by the Minnesota Twins in the 11th round of the 2012 MLB draft. In 2012, the pitcher signed with the Twins and received a $100,000 signing bonus. He has also played for other teams which include; the San Diego Padres and Milwaukee Brewers. Currently, he is playing for the San Francisco Giants. He was an All-Star in 2021. Rogers has an identical twin brother, Tyler Rogers, who is also a pitcher for the San Francisco Giants.

Taylor Rogers Personal Information

NameTaylor Allen Rogers
DOB17 December 1990
Mother NameAmy
Father nameScott
Net Worth$5 million
Height1.91 meters (6.3 feet)
Weight86 kgs (175 Pounds)
EducationCollege Graduate
Relationship StatusUnmarried

Taylor Rogers’s Early Life

Taylor Rogers was born on 17 December 1990 in Littleton, Colorado, United States. His parents are Amy and Scott Rogers. He also has an identical twin brother. Rogers attended the Chatfield Senior High School in Littleton, Colorado. His total Strikeout record in high school was 82, his Earned Run Average back then was 1.98 and his Win Loss ratio was 5-2.

He was selected by the Baltimore Orioles in the 2009 MLB draft in the 37th round but decided to further his education instead. Rogers went to the University of Kentucky and also played for the Kentucky Wildcats in college. His Win Loss ratio was 13-18, whereas his Earned Run Average was 5.34 and his total strikeouts were 84. After finishing college, he appeared in the 2012 MLB draft and was selected by the Minnesota Twins in the 11th round. He finally debuted his MLB career with the team in 2016.

Taylor Rogers’s Personal Life

Rogers seems close with his family especially his brother, who is also a professional baseball player. His Instagram account gives the fans a sneak into their relationship. He also recently wished his Mother on Instagram, a Mother’s Day congratulations. He posted his favorite picture with her that was on the field.

Rogers has recently posted a picture with his father and brother and has a lot of pictures that he has posted with his brother on the field. The pitcher also seems to adore his nephew from what we can see from his posts.

Taylor Rogers’s Family Background

Roger’s parents are Amy and Scott. He has an identical twin brother named Tyler. They are each other’s mirror images. Tyler also plays for the San Francisco Giants as a pitcher. They are the 5th pair of twins in MLB history. In an interview, Amy Rogers revealed that the Twins always pushed each other to do better.

It seems the brothers are very close to each other. Right after Taylor was signed by the San Francisco Giants, the two did almost everything together. The twins partner up during warmups, have their lockers right next to each other and even participate in the same pitching group during practice. Taylor even admitted in an interview the two would secretly cheer for each other when they were on opposing teams. Their teammates in the Giants are hard-pressed on how to tell them apart. One of their teammates Blake Sabol described that Taylor is a little more serious than Tyler.

Taylor Rogers’s Wife/girlfriend

Taylor Rogers is dating Sofia F. She was born in Littleton, Colorado. Sofia completed her studies at the Colorado State University. She is a Denver Broncos cheerleader and kindergarten teacher. She seems to be a supportive partner to the pitcher as she has also visited and cheered for Taylor while he was out playing on the field for the Minnesota Twins. This is supported by Taylor himself, as he has posted a picture on his Instagram where he was seen holding her while on the field. Not much else is known about Sofia’s private life.

Taylor Rogers’s Kids

The Giants pitcher currently has no children.

Taylor Rogers’s Social Media

Taylor Rogers has active social media accounts on Instagram and Twitter. He has 15.6K followers and is following 734 accounts on Instagram. On Twitter, he has 5964 followers and he follows 440 handles. Rogers posts quite a lot about his time with the Giants, especially posing for his pictures with his brother. He also likes posts about his beloved nephew and family. However, Taylor’s posts are usually filled with days on the field practicing with his team.

Taylor Rogers's Net Worth

Taylor Rogers’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $5 million in the year 2023. His net worth is so high primarily because of his massive contract and salary. This could also be supported by his brand deal and career earnings. His total earning is estimated to be $26,632,733.

Taylor Rogers brand ambassador

Taylor Rogers is known for endorsing only one brand which is Nike. Nike is one of the biggest suppliers in the world of athlete apparel and shoes.

Taylor Rogers Investments

There isn’t enough information available about Taylor Rogers’s investments.

Taylor Rogers Career Stats

We can clearly see how much improvement the pitcher has gone through from the stats listed above and below. He has polished a lot from his high school days to his college days and then to his current MLB. Taylor Rogers’s stats are listed below.

Career Regular Season Stats
Earned Run Average3.40
Win Loss Record26-29

Taylor Rogers Achievements

Taylor Rogers’s achievements and accolades are listed below.

Year Achievements
2021All-Star appearance

Taylor Rogers’s Contract

Taylor Rogers signed a contract with the San Francisco Giants in 2022, it has a duration of three years. It is worth $33 million. His average salary is approximately $11 million.

Taylor Rogers’s Diet

There’s not enough information available about Taylor Rogers’ diet

Taylor Rogers’s House

There’s not much information available about Taylor Rogers’ house

Taylor Rogers’s Cars

There’s not much information available about Taylor Rogers’ cars.


A. Taylor Rogers is currently pitching for the San Francisco Giants.  

A. Taylor and Tyler Rogers are the twin pitchers of the San Francisco Giants.

A. Taylor and Tyler Rogers are identical mirror-image twins.

A. Taylor Rogers's average salary is $11 million.  He has signed a $33 million contract with the team which has a duration of three years. 

A. Taylor Rogers is a right-handed pitcher. On the other hand, his brother, Tyler is a left-handed thrower. 

A. Rogers is not married but he currently is dating Sofia. F.