1000-lb Sisters season 4 episode 4: Release date, air time, and plot details

Tammy reaches her goal weight! (Image via TLC)
Tammy reaches her goal weight! (Image via TLC)

1000-lb Sisters season 4 episode 4, titled Icing on the Cake, will air on TLC this Tuesday, February 7, at 9 pm ET. Fans will be able to stream the episode on the TLC Go website and Discovery+ one day after its television broadcast.

The upcoming episode will feature Amanda and Misty making the heartbreaking discovery that Tammy's home has been robbed. In an exclusive promotional clip, the sisters are seen getting shocked after learning that everything from her house, including table, kitchen sink, bathroom sink, fridge, and water heater has been stolen.

They will inform Amy about the same, register a police complaint together, and will also go to the Ohio rehab to tell Tammy the news in-person. For the past several months, Amy has been paying rent for Tammy's apartment. The sisters will get concerned about how the latter will take the news, given the fact that she wants to return home and might deviate from her weight-loss plan after hearing such shocking news.

TLC's description of the episode reads as:

"After finding out Tammy's been robbed, Misty and Amanda visit to break the news in person; while Chris pushes ahead toward his surgery goal, Amy has a setback and is rushed to the ER; with her sisters by her side, Tammy faces the results of her weigh in."

What can you expect from 1000-lb Sisters season 4 episode 4?

This week on 1000-lb Sisters, Amy will be admitted to the hospital due to intense pain, which will cause her some difficulty in talking. In a promo, she is seen getting a sonogram while her husband wonders if she will give birth to their second baby right away.

Chris' nephews will help him lose the remaining 50 pounds so that he can get excess skin removal surgery by creating an obstacle course. This will include jumping on tires, running across some parking cones, and even pulling a family member on his own.

In an exclusive video, Tammy steps on a weighing machine and gets shocked to learn that she now weighs 534 lbs, 16 pounds below her goal weight. She will now be able to get approval for her bariatric surgery.

What happened previously on 1000-lb Sisters season 4 episode 3?

TLC's description of the episode titled I Don't Want to Taco Bout It read as:

"Tammy hits a tipping point at rehab, and then more bad news from back home sends her into a downward spiral. Chris gets a reality check during a check in with Dr. Smith, and the family says goodbye to a beloved family member."

Last week on 1000-lb Sisters, Michael and Amy suffered a shocking loss after the death of their 22-year-old pet dog, Little Bit. They wanted to keep the pet a part of their lives and had many household objects custom-made with the dog's photo on it. Amanda felt that it was "weird" but wanted to support her sister.

Amy and Michael also held a memorial service for Little Bit and had a tombstone installed on the dog's grave. Tammy was hurt by the news and got upset after realizing that she could not attend the service. She did not reveal the news to her therapist and talked rudely to the doctor.

Fresh episodes of 1000-lb Sisters air on TLC every Tuesday at 8 pm ET.

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