3 Twitch streamers who broke the rules and were never banned

Image Credits: Dexerto
Image Credits: Dexerto

Recently, Leafy’s termination from YouTube has come under close scrutiny by a host of Content Creators across YouTube and Twitch. While some people are celebrating the ban, the consensus is that the move should have been preceded by a warning of some sort. Regardless, Leafy has for the time being started streaming on Twitch, which has an even stricter TOS.

Twitch streamers are banned on an almost weekly basis, and the platform generally follows its TOS to the word. However, there are certain incidents where Twitch streamers were found breaking the rules blatantly, and got away with it.

In this article, we look at three such incidents.

3 Twitch streamers who broke the rules and got away with it!


Alinity is no stranger to controversies. In the past, she has been accused of ‘animal cruelty’, and is generally regarded as one of the most hated streamers on the platform. Regardless, in one of the most blatant violation of rules, she was found taking a rather lewd photograph of herself on stream.

Considering that other notable streamers such as xQc have been banned in the past for far lesser violations, fans expected the same fate to befall her as well. However, that did not happen, and she walked away scot-free.

You can watch the incident(s) below.



Amouranth is another Twitch streamer who has in the past been involved in multiple controversies. These include wardrobe malfunctions, unauthorized streams, and the promotion of some questionable content.

The first time people on the internet found her in violation was when she was found streaming on a private property, ie., a departmental store. Users on Reddit began a mass-reporting campaign, but to no avail.


The second time she broke a rule and got away with it was when she streamed a copyrighted movie in the form of “The Phantom of the Opera”.

As it turned out, Twitch admins had mistakenly ‘disabled’ reports on her stream, and therefore she was able to survive the incident. While most streamers do not survive even one such incident, she got away unscathed from two.


In another rather unforeseen incident, Pokimane was recently found in violation of Twitch’s TOS. As it turns out, her moderators had failed to check one to the links that had been sent from her fans. The link turned out to be of a pornographic website, which she ended up showing to her thousands of viewers.

Image Credits: Pokimane Too, YouTube
Image Credits: Pokimane Too, YouTube

Again, considering that in the past various streamers have been banned for far lesser incidents, it was a surprise when she got away without a ban. Pokimane even explained the situation, and said that it was not a recurring incident, she should not be banned, and the mere ‘warning’ she got is enough punishment.


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