4 K-pop idols who were BTS ARMYs before their debut

NewJeans' Hyein and LE SSERAFIM's Yunjin (Images via Phoning and Weverse)
NewJeans' Hyein and LE SSERAFIM's Yunjin (Images via Phoning and Weverse)

BTS are known as the idol of idols because of their ability to turn anyone into a BTS ARMY, be it K-pop idols who have already debuted or trainees wishing to debut and share the stage with the septet.

K-pop idols consider the group their inspiration and have always spoken highly of BTS’ talent, hard work, and their on-stage charisma as well as off-stage chemistry. Many of them have even tried to emulate BTS’ style and habits on stage to appear more attractive.

While the majority of idols are fans of the group, there are a few who have been a loyal part of BTS ARMY even before the group hit big. The major difference between K-pop idols who are fans and those who are part of the BTS ARMY is their social media presence.

ARMYs who are also kpop idols: Keeho (P1Harmony) Heo Yunjin (Le Sserafim), An Yujin (IVE) and Hyein (NewJeans)

The majority of ARMYs turned K-pop idols have been actively involved in cheering on BTS. They have had their fan accounts deactivated by their companies before debuting.

These idols have dedicatedly supported the group and have used the inspiration BTS has provided them to debut in the K-pop industry as well. Let’s take a look at some of BTS’ biggest fans-turned-K-pop idols.

LE SSERAFIM's Yunjin and 3 more BTS fans-turned-Kpop idols

1) Keeho - P1Harmony

i remember low key waiting for him to debut and i hella forgot about him after i fell off of army twt bc it got so toxic and now here we are, after seeing them live, finding out mf keeho was this menace LMFAO

Keeho from P1Harmony is a well-known ARMY. Reportedly, he has been a part of the fandom for a long time and had an active social media presence until 2017. His username on Twitter was busanwings, which is a combination of Jimin and Jungkook’s birthplace Busan and BTS’ album Wings.

Many BTS fans followed him on Twitter and were not surprised to see him debut as a K-pop idol as he had dropped subtle hints about his future debut on the platform. However, the Jimin-biased BTS ARMY fell into hot waters when his account came to light as it looked like he had taken part in quite a few fanwars trying to protect BTS from haters online.

Many BTS antis wanted him to withdraw from being a K-pop idol. However, with his company l on his side, he was rightfully exonerated of all the accusations levied against him.

2) Yujin - IVE

yujin, there in the barricade, furiously waving her armybomb between other lightsticks, cheering for bts, an army queen

Yujin from IVE has been one of BTS’ most loyal fans. She was there with the group from the start and has now managed to turn into a successful fan, performing on the same stage as her favorite idol group. Yujin became famous as the girl who cheered for BTS for their first Daesang win.

The IVE member was an audience member at the Melon Music Awards held in 2016, screaming her lungs out and waving her ARMY bomb to cheer BTS on for their first ever Daesang or Grand Prize win.

She mentioned on a VLIVE broadcast that watching BTS made her resolve to become a K-pop idol even stronger.

3) Yunjin - LE SSERAFIM

Heo yunjin from lesserafim is an army wbkCredits: From a nate pann post resurfacing with her old army twt account before it was deleted

LE SSERAFIM’s Yunjin was a proper member of the BTS ARMY and took part in fan initiatives during her Twitter days before debuting as a K-pop idol. She was discovered as a fan of the septet when a Twitter post talking about Yunjin’s ARMY past came to light.

Yunjin regularly participated in ARMY Selca Day or ARSD, where fans upload pictures of themselves and their biases in similar poses or clothing. She has also been seen cheering and supporting BTS during concerts and has majorly chosen to perform BTS songs during her trainee days.

It is speculated that during her Produce48 stint, she had to delete her Twitter. The K-pop idol was a trainee under Pledis Entertainment. But in a fortunate twist of fate, she left the company to join Source Music and debut under HYBE, a company that also houses her favorite group.

4) Hyein - NewJeans

from an army herself to being under the same label of her favorite group aka bts 💜 the biggest flex ever. look at her merch yall 💜 i'm so proud of hyein! #newjeans #NewJeans_Debut

Hyein is the maknae of the newly debuted HYBE group called NewJeans. The girl group has already solidified their position in the K-pop industry as monster rookies but one of their members has been well-known for quite some time due to her YouTube videos.

Hyein has previously vlogged about her life and has never shied away from accepting her BTS ARMY status. She has mentioned on numerous occasions that she is a big fan of the septet and has even collected official merch just like any other fan.

This BTS ARMY has a dedicated BTS shrine in her room, which is made up of all the BTS merchandise and goods she’s managed to buy. From being a fan of BTS to debuting in the same agency, she’s had an amazing journey.

It is interesting to see how BTS have managed to usher in a new wave of talented groups and soloists who have consistently proved themselves to be die-hard BTS fans even after their debut.

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