4 most popular TV show characters

Some of the most popular TV show characters (Images via Instagram)
Some of the most popular TV show characters (Images via Instagram)

Over the past few decades, TV shows have become an integral part of people's lives. Irrespective of the age group one belongs to, they can always find something to watch.

But what attracts people to these shows? Is it just the storyline? Certainly not. Apart from the plot, it's the characters and their performances that win hearts. Here, we are going to talk about 4 such TV show characters that have reached the heights of popularity among viewers.

4 popular TV show characters in modern times

1) Ragnar Lothbrok

If someone is a fan of historical dramas, they will be a a fan of this character for sure. The iconic Viking ruler of Scandinavia appeared in the HBO original Vikings in 2013, and from the very first scene where he made his appearance, he became a fan favorite. The character was played by popular Australian actor Travis Fimmel.

The character was all about action as he locked horns with some of the mightiest rulers of all time. His moments of love with Lagertha are also something that viewers cherish.

2) Joey Tribbiani

This character doesn't need an introduction. Sitcom lovers across the globe who have watched the ever-popular TV show Friends, have automatically fallen in love with the character.

As you might already know, the character was played by popular American actor Matt LeBlanc, and he nailed the performance in all the ten seasons. Joey is loved for his comical nature, his unique way of interaction, and signature catchphrases.

3) Sherlock Holmes

The ever-popular fictional detective from 221B Baker Street once again came to life in the British drama series Sherlock, and Benedict Cumberbatch played the character with absolute perfection.

Though the character has featured in other shows and movies in the past, the reincarnation of Holmes in a comparatively modern world definitely spiced things up for viewers. By the end of the season, the character became more relatable than ever.

4) Jon Snow

We could all see this one coming. The iconic Jon Snow, played by Kit Harington, is perhaps the most iconic character from Game of Thrones. The character personified bravery in its truest form.

Snow's appearance and performance automatically made him a favorite of GOT lovers. His death scene at the end of season 5 was one of the most emotional scenes of the entire show that left fans pretty upset.

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