5 best &AUDITION - The Howling performances 

All the participants of &AUDITION - The Howling pose during the finale. (Image via Twitter/ @and_audition)
All the participants of &AUDITION - The Howling pose during the finale (Image via Twitter/ @and_audition)

&AUDITION - The Howling completed its run earlier this month by forming a new Japan-based boy group called &TEAM. As the first group to debut with HYBE Labels Japan, there are big expectations from the nine members part of the group.

The audition program was broadcast on YouTube on the HYBE LABELS+ channel, apart from the streaming service HULU in Japan, from July 9 to September 3, 2022. It started off with fifteen members, including K, Nicholas, Taki, and EJ, who were pre-decided to be the debut group after proving their merit in the first season of I-LAND.

As such, today's list will discuss the five best performances on &AUDITION - The Howling that will forever remain etched in the minds of the fans.

5 memorable &AUDITION - The Howling performances: Sayonara Hitori, Film Out, and more

The show allowed viewers a chance to get to know the participants of the program through various performances, behind-the-scenes, and camararderie shared by them. Although few trainees have been amateurs in different aspects of being an idol, like singing, dancing, and rapping, the quality of their performances proved to be astounding nonetheless.

Here are 5 performances by the participants of &AUDITION - The Howling that fans will remember for being outstanding.

1) Taemin's Sayonara Hitori by Taki, Maki, Yuma, and Hikaru


Among the most well-known songs by Taemin, Sayonara Hitori is a beautiful fusion between a classic ballad and a high-energy dance song that served as the SHINee member's debut Japanese track. Taki's team undertook the task of covering the song and left a lasting impression on viewers.

From Maki's beautiful voice, which was complimented by Pdogg (judge and producer for BTS), to Hikaru's smooth dance moves, this performance left their fellow competitors speechless.

The simple white shirt and ripped jeans costume combination removed all the bells and whistles from the performance, allowing &AUDITION viewers to focus on stable vocals, polished choreography, and a fantastic collaboration between the quartet.

2) MONSTA X's Hero (Japanese Ver.) by Nicholas, Gaku, and Hayate


Hero by MONSTA X is probably the track that sounded most like the K-pop boy group among their early releases. With hip-hop sounds mixed in with an addicting pop chorus, the Japanese version of the song is just as enjoyable as the original Korean.

As part of &AUDITION, Nicholas' team put up a spectacular performance filled with moments that made viewers move to the beat just like judge Pdogg. Hayate's vocals, Gaku's overall performance, and Nicholas' stage presence elevated the performance from a simple cover to an adaptation that highlighted the strengths of those executing it.

3) SEVENTEEN's Oh My! (Japanese Ver.) by K, Taki, Yuma, Hayate, Hikaru


If a peppy, summer-pop track is what the listener craves, SEVENTEEN's Oh My! will satisfy that craving to the tee. The song follows an easy flow while occasionally deviating from it but never straying from the beats, creating a song that is both easy to listen to and captivating.

The &AUDITION boys embraced the spirited track, performing it with all the energy and passion that teenagers usually possess. With constant improvements being shown by the participants, Yuma stood out with his stable vocals while Hayate served up some beautiful high notes. The group embodied the vibe of Oh My! very well, creating a cute and sensational output.

4) BTS' Film Out by EJ, Nicholas, Jo, Harua, Yuma, Junwon,and Hayate


Trying to match up to BTS can never be easy, especially when it comes to a song as emotionally driven as Film Out. Released in 2021 as a standalone single, the track ties itself thematically to the much-discussed Bangtan Universe. With Film Out touching both exceptional high notes and the right emotional chords, the track is up among the best Japanese songs by the Dynamite group.

While all seven participants of the team from &AUDITION put their best foot forward, Nicholas, known for his prolific skills as a dancer, displayed a unique timbre and impressive vocals worthy of a seasoned performer.

5) The Final Countdown


Any fan of &AUDITION - The Howling, who has followed the show since its inception, would already know the songs released by the fifteen members before it started in earnest. Perhaps the most nostalgic inducing of these is The Final Countdown, for which the program even released a music video.

It was only fair that the fifteen original participants performed the song during the final episode, wrapping up their two-month journey with each other and their viewers with a cherry on top. The boys have shown vast improvement since their first performance, concluding the show satisfactorily. They finished the performance by surrounding Junwon, who had a knee injury and was singing while seated. This created a stirring moment for all viewers.

The &AUDITION - The Howling finale episode was attended by many illustrious guests, including K-pop group ENHYPEN, BTS' RM, and former HYBE CEO Bang Si-hyuk. The lineup of the newly formed &TEAM was also revealed. The decision was made using a combination of audience votes and various levels of evaluation by producers and special guest judges.

&TEAM is all set to make its official debut on December 7 of this year, with fans all over the globe eagerly awaiting to see what new music this J-pop boy group brings to the table.

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Edited by Priya Majumdar