5 BLACKPINK's B-side songs that are equally good as the title tracks

K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK (Image via YG Ent.)
K-pop girl group, BLACKPINK (Image via YG Ent.)

With BLACKPINK's comeback around the corner, it's time to appreciate the underrated B-side tracks offered by the girl group over the course of their discography. The quartet never fails to release upbeat, first-class music with every comeback. On top of that, they also captivate the audience with excellent and superbly choreographed artistic music videos.

While we have enjoyed BLACKPINK's main and most infamous tracks, the B-side songs in BLACKPINK's albums are equally groove-worthy. Some might take you down memory lane, while others will force you to shake a leg.

Here are BLACKPINK's 5 B-side tracks you should listen to now.

These 5 BLACKPINK's B-side tracks are top tier

1) Hope Not (2019)

i've always been missing you mashidam<3 ⋆·˚ ༘ *a song cover to describe my feelings (( hope not - blackpink ))

Featuring on the EP Kill This Love, Hope Not is a serene, calm, and peaceful track, in contrast to the title track. Due to its acoustic nature, the quartet's vocal range shines perfectly, letting the listener observe the song and relax.

Since it is a ballad, it loses the real BLACKPINK touch of being pop and upbeat. However, Hope Not took a positive turn by showcasing the genre range of the group. At the time of Kill This Love's release, BLACKPINK had merely produced a single ballad song.

2) Bet You Wanna (2020)


Bet You Wanna from BLACKPINK's studio album, The Album, features American rapper and singer Cardi B and will definitely exceed all your expectations. High notes from Rose, the vocals of the three other members, and Cardi B's saucy attitude turned the track into a full package.

The chromatic chord that develops during the pre-chorus is a highlight of the song, providing it with all the factors to label Bet You Wanna as one of BLACKPINK's best B-side tracks.

3) You Never Know (2020)


Also originating from The Album, You Never Know is a pleasing intimate pop ballad and serves as the closing track on BLACKPINK's studio album. Like Hope Not, this track also enables the members to display their euphonious voices clearly.

Encouraging simple melodies, the classical instrumental flow of the song plays the charm card. On the other hand, the lyrics bring out several emotions, making it a perfect ballad song. The song is a sign for the quartet to produce more ballad songs in the future.

4) Forever Young (2018)


Featuring on their mini-album Square Up, Forever Young is a fresh track radiating summery vibes. The song has relatable and youthful lyrics, and the girls further win hearts by beautifully singing about young love and seizing all the memorable moments one spends with their lover.

The title is apt and ideally fits the nature of the song. All the positive qualities led to the commercial success of Forever Young, as it sold 2,500,000 digital downloads in South Korea.

5) Pretty Savage (2020)


Pretty Savage is one of BLACKPINK's songs we truly want a music video for. The trap song has an upbeat touch to it and contains fiery and bold lyrics. While Billboard named it the best song on The Album, Rolling Stone labeled it the sassiest kick-off track since the release of Ariana Grande's Thank You, Next.

In short, Pretty Savage was a mega-hit for the YG Entertainment group, debuting in the top 100 in several countries, including Australia, Canada, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.

More exceptionally well-performed B-side tracks await with the release of their new album in August. Moreover, some lucky BLINKs (fandom name) will soon witness BLACKPINK in their region since the group is also planning to headline a world tour this year.

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