5 lesser-known facts about Euphoria

Zendaya from Euphoria (Image via TheNationRoar.com)
Zendaya from Euphoria (Image via TheNationRoar.com)

It's no secret that since its premiere in 2019, Euphoria has been the internet's favorite program by a wide margin. The HBO drama has a particular place in our hearts, enthralling viewers with never-ending twists and turns, rich character development, and timely episode topics.

That's why we're going to tell you some of the most amazing facts regarding the show.


Euphoria has captured something nostalgic about the experience of being a teenager that has touched people of all ages. Coupled with that, it boasts an incredible wardrobe, pithy writing, and relatable subject matter (not to mention its stellar soundtrack).

The show is accruing even more loyal fans now that it's halfway into its second season, with a stunning 2.4 million people turning in for the premiere episode of the second season – a record-breaking amount for HBO Max.

5 Euphoria facts you may have missed

1) Fez, played by Angus Cloud, was discovered on the street

Fez, a drug dealer who is tough on the outside but nice on the inside, has become one of the most popular characters in the show. However, the actor portraying him, Angus Cloud, was not in the industry until being cast on the show. Surprisingly, he wasn't even thinking about becoming one.

Cloud was discovered by the show's casting director on a Manhattan street. It's fascinating to consider that if he had decided to stroll down a different street that day, Fez may have looked nothing like the character we've come to know and love.

2) When writing the show, Sam Levinson drew from his own experiences


Here's something else you may not know: The creator, writer, and director of Euphoria, Sam Levinson, has admitted that he has struggled with drug addiction, anxiety, and depression in the past.

He later used these difficult phases to bring the experiences of the program's main character Rue (played by Zendaya) to life, which is why the show seems so real and authentic.

3) Hunter Schafer's first acting experience was in Euphoria


Hunter Schafer, who plays Jules Vaughn, was a full-time model before auditioning for Euphoria and, like Cloud, had never acted before. We're blown away by her performance, which has been honest and emotional throughout the series.

4) Character development is symbolized by the makeup in the show

The show's characters are noted for their stunning makeup styles, particularly the distinctive wacky glitter eyeshadow. These makeup styles in the show were actually developed as a visual reflection of the characters' emotional trajectories throughout the narrative.


The glitter-eyes depicted at the start of the show, for example, represent a joyous moment when everything seems flawless and wonderful in a relationship. However Jules' eyeshadow turns spiky and unpredictable as she becomes increasingly nervous about her connection with Rue.

5) Euphoria is a remake of an Israeli television series

Despite Levinson's version of Euphoria being wholly unique, the show is based on an older Israeli series of the same name. The original, set in 1990s, dealt with similar themes of s**, drugs, and relationships.


The show has been compared to popular teen dramas like My So-Called Life, Skins, and Degrassi, so if you're searching for something to watch in between episodes, one of those would be a good choice.

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