5 most expensive Air Jordan 1 of all time

5 most expensive Air Jordan 1 of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 most expensive Air Jordan 1 of all time (Image via Sportskeeda)

The world of Nike's Air Jordans has taken over the sneaker scene for ages now. There have been many iterations that have added to the glory of sneaker love.

However, a beauty like Air Jordan 1 comes with a price that can sometimes be more expensive than the average because of the sneaker's exquisite design and new technology used in constructing them.

Here is a list of the top five most expensive Air Jordan 1 of all time.

Disclaimer: This article contains no particular order of ranking.

Air Jordans 1 High OG "Shinedown" and four other most expensive Air Jordan 1 of all time

1) The Jordan 1 (Black and Gold)

This pair of Air Jordans, one of the few leather-covered models, was introduced in 2003. The sneakers have a glossy appearance thanks to their patent leather, which is enhanced by a metallic gold swoosh.

The pair stood out among the other AJ 1 editions because no one had seen such an unusual color combination before. The cost of these shoes during their launch was $100. But due to their extreme rarity, the resale value has increased significantly, making them among the most expensive Jordan shoes ever sold.

The Air Jordan 1 (Black and Gold) rarity increased its retail price to $25,000, depending on availability.

2) The Jordan 1 OG "Chicago"

The original Air Jordan 1 "Chicago" was the sneaker that got it all started. From a taboo perspective, the "Bred" colorway might be more well-liked, but you can't help but adore the "Chicago" model's heritage. The most well-known Jordan 1 colorway was the first Michael Jordan ever worn.

Since the color scheme was exclusive to the Bulls, it was given the name Chicago. This particular shoe pair screams "Michael Jordan," from its white side panels and toe box to the red overlays. It is a sneaker that has appeared in numerous marketing campaigns, and fans are constantly asking for retro versions to date.

It should come as no surprise that the typical pair of the original 1985 model sells for $25,000 because it is one of those coveted models that sneakerheads drool over.

3) The Jordans 1 High OG "Shinedown"

Rock band Shinedown is responsible for this particular sneaker on our list. The band's guitarist Zach Myers is a huge sneakerhead, despite the fact that some readers may need to be more familiar with them. In 2018, his passion for sneakers led to the creation of a band-exclusive shoe that continues to excite sneakerheads till today.

This is due to the fact that the shoe has a distinctive, never-before-seen colorway of yellow, black, and white. In addition, the black exclamation point on the back and the distinctive yellow toe of the shoe gives this sneaker an exclusivity.

Even today, many people consider this shoe to be among the best Jordan 1 PEs available, whose retail can reach up to $14,000.

4) The Jordans 1 High OG Dave White "Wings For The Future" (Gold)

The lesser-known fact about this shoe is that only 23 pairs were made when it was first released in 2011 by UK artist Dave White, because they were sold at auctions. The shoe is one of the most distinctive Air Jordans ever made because it deviates from conventional color blocking.

As can be seen, the front portion has a sizable flash of gold, while the back features red, white, and blue. These components combine to produce a sneaker with a very intriguing appearance and a lot of mystery. At present, these sneakers are available for almost $19,000 at select re-seller sites.

5) The Jordans 1 All-Star Game

It may not be enough for some sneakerheads to have a pair of Jordans. However, owning a pair of shoes worn by the legendary Michael Jordan himself is the real deal. He wore these during an NBA All-Star game in 1985, in addition to wearing them during another game. The player was among the few rookies to ever play in the All-Star game.

Due to his status as a rookie, Michael Jordan didn't play much during the All-Star game, but the shoes still brought in a reasonable sum of money. This pair of Jordans with an autograph eventually sold for $21,780 at an auction.

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