5 greatest CGI movies of all time

Movies with over-the-top special effects (Image via Sportskeeda)
Movies with over-the-top special effects (Image via Sportskeeda)

There has been a significant rise in the implementation of CGI in movies tha have been released in the past couple of decades.

Renowned directors and production units have come up with silver-screen moments that seem like real-life instances, though they are not. For example, movies from the MCU timeline have used this technology to a great extent and their success is known by movie buffs from all across the world.

This article will throw light on five such CGI movies that have received a thunderous response from the audience.

From The Jungle Book to Jurassic Park, 5 greatest CGI movies of all time

1) The Jungle Book (2016)


The Jungle Book is a silver screen implementation of the animated Disney classic from 1967. The storyline is more or less the same as what viewers saw in the animated series. But what makes this movie stand out is the usage of special effects and CGI.

The only real character from the movie is Mowgli, played by child actor Neel Sethi. The rest of the onscreen characters were the result of cutting-edge CGI. A perfect example of proper integration and implementation of CGI was seen during the scene where Baloo the bear was seen singing while floating down a river.

2) Avengers: End Game


It's pretty tough to produce an article that talks about CGI, and not mention Avengers: Endgame in it. The movie, released back in 2019 was an epic exhibition of special effects that gave a larger than life experience to the audience.

Now, if we have to talk about a particularly-hallmarked CGI creation from this movie, it would have to be Thanos. Though the character was played by Josh Brolin, the production unit took utmost care to ensure that the actor's onscreen look matched what fans have seen in comic books.

3) The Matrix


It's been more than two decades since The Matrix was released, but even to this day, it is considered one of the greatest masterpieces ever made.

The movie is special because back in 1999, there weren't many tools and softwares that would help in the creation of such a masterpiece. However, the production team did an insane job in implementing the special effects on the silver screen with whatever they had.

Apart from implementing time-slice photography, softwares like Manex Visual Effects were used. One of the signature scenes from the movie that is remembered till today is when Keanu Reeves AKA Neo dodged bullets that were shot at him by The Agents.

4) Jurassic Park


Jurrasic Park is another milestone movie that won over the audience with its over-the-top exhibition of special effects. Though it was not an easy job to create dinosaurs and move them on the silver screen, the production unit did an amazing job in bringing the giant reptiles to life.

During the development process, programs like SOCK (Surface Original with Continuous Skin) were used to get the job done. This was previously used in Terminator 2.

5) War for the Planet of the Apes


War for the Planet of the Apes is one of those movies that took the monkeyverse to a whole new level, thanks to the usage of special effects. Directed by Matt Reeves, the movie is a cauldron full of some of the best VFX effects fans have witnessed in modern times.

Weta Digital, a digital visual effects company from New Zealand, was in charge of making the movie a CGI masterpiece, and it nailed the job with perfection. The way it showcased the final battle of the movie, as well as other action sequences, was nothing less than commendable.

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