5 interesting facts about EXO's Lay

EXO's Lay (Image via @laypics_/Twitter)
EXO's Lay (Image via @laypics_/Twitter)

EXO's Lay, also known as Lay Zhang, is a Chinese singer-songwriter who debuted in the K-pop group EXO in 2012. He was one of four other Chinese members to be part of the 12 member group, however, the other three members left the group and SM Entertainment.

Currently, EXO is a nine member group, including Lay, however, Lay's activities are mostly scheduled in China. Due to this reason, he is often not seen in any activities or comebacks planned for EXO.

He has established himself in the Chinese music industry. He is extremely revered for his dedication to his artistry and is acknowledged as one of the top artists in China.

5 things you probably didn't know about EXO's Lay

1) Best-selling author

Lay is a best-selling author, a feat he achieved with his autobiography Standing Firm at 24, published in 2015. It sold more than half a million copies in just half a year, and broke various online book records in China. It was a best-seller and even won a few prestigious awards.

2) Mentor and judge on survival shows

Lay believes in hard work and expects the same out of fresh, new talent in the industry. He has been associated with various survival shows looking for new talented faces as a mentor and judge. He was a mentor and MC for We are Young and both seasons of Idol Producer.

3) Actor

Apart from being a musician and well-respected dancer, Lay has also dabbled in acting. He has been a part of a number of Chinese dramas and movies and has been praised for his immaculate expressions. Lay was one of the actors in Jackie Chan's movie Kung Fu Yoga, which had cast two well-known Bollywood actors as well. Jackie Chan was also the one who taught Lay how to drive.

4) Brand Ambassador

Lay is a brand ambassador for various luxury and lifestyle brands, making him a household name in China. He has been affiliated with over 30 brands, including Hublot, Valentino, Calvin Klein, Daniel Wellington, and many more.

He was also the first celebrity to become the publicity ambassador for the Communist Youth League of China.

5) Global expansion

Lay was the first Chinese artist to enter the iTunes Top 60 for his solo album Lose Control, released in 2016. The album performed relatively well in Korea as well, reaching number 1 on the Gaon Chart, and peaked at number 4 on Billboard's World Albums Chart.

In a hand-written letter, Lay announced that he has left SM Entertainment as of April 8, 2022. The letter was addressed to his fans, thanking them for the support they've given him and also reassuring them that he will always be a part of EXO.

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