5 K-drama roles BTS' Jin will be perfect for

BTS member Kim Seokjin (Image via @jin/ Instagram)
BTS member Kim Seokjin (Image via @jin/ Instagram)

A voice like honey, ethereal visuals, and many other talents has made BTS' Jin a worldwide sensation, and although the eldest of the septets has proved his talents as a musician multiple times, fans are aware of his hidden flair for acting. It's no surprise to ARMY (BTS fandom) that Jin graduated with an acting degree in 2017, which means he is well-accustomed to how things work in the show business.

Through BTS music videos and highlight reels, BTS' Jin has shown his excellent skills on multiple occasions, however, fans wish to witness Jin in a K-drama. On top of that, recently, 'actor Jin' started trending again after actor Kim Nam-gil recalled working with the Ephipany singer on a project together.

It is well accepted by fans that the BTS member would be an excellent fit to play any kind of role in a K-drama. However, here are five roles BTS' Jin will be perfect for.

From a perfect chaebol to a funny character - BTS' Jin is perfect for these 5 roles to play in a K-drama

1) Perfect chaebol heir

BTS' Jin can easily take up the role of playing a royal and faultless chaebol due to his charming appeal and defectless royal aura. The singer recently posted a picture of himself standing beside a window captioned "Take a picture like a successful person."

Indeed, he looked successful and professional in the image, and ARMY couldn't agree more. One of them commented and wrote, "THE CEO KIM SEOKJIN VIBE IS SO STRONG HERE." Even though Seokjin is yet to make his acting debut, fans can't stop but compare him to a K-drama character.

2) Typical next door bad boy


One thing is for sure, if Jin ever starts to act, he will serve the range. Through variety shows, behind-the-scenes videos, and Run BTS, we have seen many sides of Jin, and one of them gives the typical next-door bad boy vibes.

The Awake singer will easily fit into the role of a popular bad boy, a tsundere, who eventually becomes soft after finding that one special person. Throwback to 2015, in a BTS promotional video, Jin was seen ideally playing a fierce loverboy, as if he were rehearsing for a K-drama.

3) A prince from the past

Historical K-dramas have a special charm and appeal just like the worldwide handsome. Whether it's the Silla Dynasty or Joseon, BTS' Jin would ace the role of a prince from past times.

Luckily, fans have seen him slaying in a Hanbok and don't need any reassurance. As a punishment for losing a task in Run BTS, Jin was made to wear a Hanbok at the airport while flying to Hong Kong. Although it was for fun, Jin immediately made headlines for his look. Needless to say, the BTS member needs to be cast in a historical drama soon.

4) The funny main charater

It's no secret that BTS' Jin is a chirpy, lively, and funny person with a positive outlook on life. He often makes the other members laugh, and is even popular for his dad jokes among the K-pop fandom.

Hence, he would be an ideal fit to play a funny and optimistic character in a K-drama. During the Carpool Karaoke segment with James Cordon, Jin earned the spotlight with his jokes and gained attention from multiple international fans for his cheerful nature.

5) The mastermind anti-hero

Even though the anti-hero category sounds alien, it won't be difficult for BTS' Jin to get into the character. Run BTS is a prime example of learning how Seokjin's brilliant mind works, resulting in his team winning, almost every time.

During Run BTS episode 135, he shocked the other six members and the audience by accomplishing the difficult task easily. He had to hide an item so the members couldn't find it. So, he did. The eldest of the pack hid his box in the ceiling of an elevator, proving he is the real mastermind.

Undoubtedly, the singer would be able to play an anti-hero who might not be evil, but knows how to get things done right.

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