5 K-pop idols who are good at variety shows

SHINee's KEY, SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan, and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon are some K-pop idols acing their variety show game. (Image via Twitter/ urikeyro_, SeventeenDisse, KTYproject_TH)
SHINee's KEY, SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan, and Girls' Generation's Taeyeon are some K-pop idols acing their variety show game. (Image via Twitter/ urikeyro_, SeventeenDisse, KTYproject_TH)

K-pop idols are regular exhibits on variety shows. Whether they wish to promote their newest song or latest acting venture, fans will often flock to Twitter to gush about their favorite singers' latest antics on a variety show.

However, some idols just do better with their appearances on variety shows. These stars are known for their unbeatable knowledge of K-pop, amazing skills at word games, and incredulous capacity to entertain on variety shows.

What makes all this even more extraordinary is the fact that these K-pop idols all have flourishing careers in music. Here are five K-pop stars who are amazing at variety shows.

5 K-pop idols who are aces at variety shows: SHINee's Key, Jessi, and more

1) SHINee's Key

Creator of the gold standards for idols in charge of variety shows, SHINee's Kim Kibum (Key) has carved out a unique trajectory within his time in the entertainment world. He holds different roles as SHINee's Key, a solo artist, and a variety show host.

The Bad Love singer has spoken of his ability to take on multiple roles in the entertainment industry,

"I can be a comedian when I’m on a variety show, I can be a singer when I’m on stage, I can be an actor when I’m in a movie, I can be a model when I’m in a magazine……I’ve never seen this kind of person before, so I’m just being me everywhere."

The SHINee member is currently a cast member of the variety shows DoReMi Market (also known as Amazing Saturday) and I Live Alone (or Home Alone), having been part of shows like Master Key and We Got Married Global Edition.

2) Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

Girls' Generation's charismatic Taeyeon is also known for her variety show presence. While her career as a member of Girls' Generation and, in recent years, as a solo artist, has been enviable, the 33 year-old singer has proven her ability to be entertaining (and funny) beyond music.

After participating in shows like We Got Married within two years of the Gee group's debut, the K-pop idol took a break from variety shows for several years. She became a cast member of Amazing Saturday alongside fellow SM Entertainment idol, Key, in 2020, and hasn't looked back since.

The Fine singer also participated in the travel variety show Petkage with her pet poodle, Zero, in 2021.

3) SEVENTEEN's Seungkwan

Often called Professor Boo for his extensive knowledge of K-pop, SEVENTEEN's Boo Seung-kwan is another K-pop idol who is excellent at variety shows. Taking part in these shows as the Mansae group's spokesperson since their debut, Seungkwan is well-known for his persona as an entertainer.

Since 2018, the 24 year-old singer has been a main cast member for shows on Korean television including Unexpected Q, Prison Life of Fools, Five Cranky Brothers, Job Dongsan (Job Estate), and most recently, Racket Boys. He is also an important part of SEVENTEEN's own variety show, Going SEVENTEEN, acting as the host for several episodes.

4) Jessi

With her spitfire personality and candidness, Jessi stands out both as a K-pop star and a variety show entertainer. After her appearance on the first season of Unpretty Rapstar increased her popularity, the Korean-American rapper starred in many variety shows such as Real Men, Sixth Sense, and Law of the Jungle.

The Zoom singer starred in her own interview-style show titled Jessi's Showterview and got to speak to established stars in the industry, including actors and K-pop idols.

5) WINNER's Mino

Having appeared on the reality show Show Me the Money as a contestant (he was the runner-up for that season) and later, producer, Mino is no novice on television programs. In fact, his group, WINNER, was created on an idol survival program titled WIN: Who Is Next.

The K-pop idol rapper has been a main cast member of the beloved Korean travel variety show New Journey to the West since 2017 and has received praise for his appearance on the same. He was also part of the show's spin-off series Kang's Kitchen from 2017-19.

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