5 moments where YoonA and Junho showcased incredible chemistry

Rumored couple YoonA and Junho make a heart together at a press conference.
Rumored couple YoonA and Junho make a heart together at a press conference. (Image via Twitter/ @kchartsmaster)

Lead actors of K-drama series King the Land, YoonA and Junho, have been making news for their alleged relationship lately. As second-generation K-pop idols who debuted within a year of each other, the pair were always on each other's radar since the beginning.

While they might not have had many interactions, they were featured on the same episode of a variety show, Family Outing 2, with their groups, Girls' Generation (YoonA) and 2PM (Junho).

Both SM Entertainment (Yoona's agency) and JYP Entertainment (Junho's agency) have denied their dating rumors, but the following list makes it clear why fans could have been mistaken.

Performing together, behind-the-scenes of King: The Land, and more instances of YoonA and Junho fooling audiences with their chemistry

1) When they danced to Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello's Señorita in 2021


On listening to Señorita, the chemistry between the former couple Mendes and Cabello in the music video and subsequent performances comes to mind. Lee Jun-ho and Im Yoon-ah embodied the spirit of the song perfectly as they started on opposite sides of the stage with backup dancers, eventually moving closer. They performed this at the MBC Music Festival in 2021.

Yoona and Junho executed their pair choreography beautifully, creating a vibe that was equal parts sensual and sweet. The end, when Yoona slides Junho's black jacket off, which the 2PM idol puts around her before walking towards the back of the stage together, is captivating.

2) Returning for a dance cover of Michael Jackson's Love Never Felt So Good


If the Señorita cover was sultry and flirtatious, their second cover together was more playful and charming. Dressed in pink outfits, the pair started dancing by walking onstage hand-in-hand before allowing each other a chance to shine in the solo parts.

As a whole, Yoona and Junho seemed more comfortable with each other, making more eye contact, thereby giving a performance that incredibly pleased fans. The end, where Junho gave a present to Yoona, seemed like a throwback to the previous year's performance, and the duo's MBC Music Festival 2022 stage concluded with a bang.

3) Appreciating each other behind-the-scenes of Netflix's King: The Land

While there are exceptions to this, chemistry in acting is frequently tied to the type of relationship shared off-screen. In their K-drama that is currently airing on Netflix, YoonA and Junho have been seen appreciating and hyping each other up in between takes.

The chemistry between their characters has already been taking K-drama watchers by storm, and these sweet moments just add up to create a camaraderie that shows on-screen.

4) All the promotional content released on Netflix K-content's YouTube


If the above instances could not convince fans about their chemistry, the interview content released by Netflix to promote King the Land will surely do it. From giggling uncontrollably to casually complimenting each other's acting and appearance, YoonA and Junho will surely convince viewers of these videos to watch the show.

The ASMR video in particular is quite hilarious, with the two lead actors doing their job to promote the show while laughing their heads off at each other's antics.

5) When they hosted MBC Music Festival (or Gayo Daejaejun) together in 2022

Hosting an event together means a lot of back and forth, eye-contact, and chemistry between the emcees. When they weren't drawing attention for their performances, YoonA and Junho were also presenting the various parts of the year-end show (with Jang Sung-kyun).

From YoonA smiling at Junho's introduction of 10cm to meeting each other's eyes frequently, the duo were the perfect anchors, pleasantly leading the program from the beginning. One can see why fans assumed that they were in a relationship.

The two idols' friendship and easy chemistry come across in the Netflix drama as well, and it has received love despite only having six episodes out. Many K-drama aficionados have compared it to shows released in 2016, which saw hits such as Descendants of the Sun and Guardian: The Lonely and Great God.

Fans are hoping that the rumor does not cause any pushback on the interactions between the actors in the future, but one will have to wait and see.

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