5 Netflix psychological thrillers of 2021 to be watched

Still from Oxygen (Image via Netflix)
Still from Oxygen (Image via Netflix)
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Netflix has a wide genre of movies and TV series for all its viewers. With new shows added on to the OTT streaming platform every day, Netflix boasts of a plethora of options for its audience to watch.

Psychological thrillers is one of the most sought-after genres in the world of entertainment. Starting with classics like Zodiac and Shutter Island from acclaimed directors, Netflix is now adding on to more recent releases from the genre.

Here is a list of our top 5 picks of 2021 from Netflix's wide range of psychological thrillers for all fans of the genre.

1) Oxygen

Alexandre Aja's new film OXYGEN is on Netflix and it's a claustrophobic, ethereal film about isolation. M茅lanie Laurent does a fantastic job of carrying the entire movie alone. Recommend.

This French survival psychological thriller is very relevant to the pandemic times. The story follows Liz Hansen, who wakes up from deep hypnosis in a cryogenic chamber reminiscent of a coffin.

But she has no memory of how she got there except for some disoriented flashbacks. Add to that the AI voice of an operating system continuously reminding her of her dwindling oxygen supply. It is vital for her to stay composed to piece together her fragmented memories.

Will she make it out alive? The claustrophobia and anxiety is a direct analogy to the time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Directed by Alexandre Aja, an intelligent and effective storyteller known for the classic horror The Hills Have Eyes, Oxygen is a must-watch for all psychological thriller fans.

2) I'm Thinking of Ending Things

'I am thinking of ending things'Easily the best movie I've seen in 2021. Surrealist dramas are rare already, and also a hit or miss for me most of the time. This movie was a fascinating experience, reflecting the conflicts and resolves of the heart and mind of the protagonist.

Coming from Charlie Kaufman, director of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, this movie is a psychological thriller that builds up the suspense gradually until it spills over in the end.

The movie is adapted from Iain Reid鈥檚 acclaimed novel of the same name. The story follows a woman visiting her boyfriend鈥檚 parents on a secluded farm. As the journey unfolded, she began to question everything she thought she knew about him and herself. The ominous atmosphere created by the snowy evening builds on the panic as the viewer keeps questioning and trying to make sense of what is unfolding on the screen.

The surrealist plot and the nightmarish settings make the film the perfect psychological thriller that will have the audience questioning the intent of the film long after the credits have rolled.

3) Red Dot

Red Dot - 8.5/10It鈥檚 on Netflix!Great movie !!

Written by Alain Darborg and Per Dickson, Red Dot is the story of Nadja and David, a married couple who take a hiking trip. The romantic gateway to the snowy mountains turns into a survival fest once the red dot appears.

This movie is one of the best horror-thriller movies on Netflix, especially for fans of the survival genre. Red Dot is a disturbing and vicious movie that is sure to leave the viewers on the edge of their seat.

4) The Woman in the Window

This is the trailer for...wait for it:The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The WindowJust that title alone made it think this was gonna be a parody movie, but it's a dark comedy series coming to Netflix on January 28.

The Woman in the Window is about Anna Fox, a child psychologist who suffers from agoraphobia and gets involved in a criminal case. Anna is obsessed with observing the perfect family who move into the neighborhood.

However, this eventually leads to a series of events that turn her life upside down. Based on A. J. Finn鈥檚 novel, and adapted for the screen by Tracy Letts, the film deserves the attention of all psychological thriller lovers out there.

5) Things Heard And Seen

@SpideyVerse98 @closedacc2000 I know nobody on this platform has talked about either of these movies. But I saw the Enormity of life back in April when it got released on DVD and that movie was awesome. I also saw things heard and seen but I still Ana's part could use more pizzaz.

Things Heard and Seen is a psychological thriller that follows the life of a couple who moves to upstate New York for the wife's new job. But the house they pick has an eerie feel to it and everyone is aware of it.

Strange smells and occasional sightings keep occurring and in the midst of this the couple grow distant until one of them is brutally murdered. Based on Elizabeth Brundage鈥檚 2016 novel, All Things Cease To Appear, this Netflix film will undoubtedly send chills down your spine.

What is your favorite psychological thriller on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below.

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