Peacemaker's powers and abilities: 5 things to know about John Cena's superhero character

Peacemaker: The DC character (Image via
Peacemaker: The DC character (Image via

The Peacemaker, a brand new DC Comics television series, is coming to HBO Max, but this time it's not about Batman, Superman, or Wonder Woman. It's a classic character who will make his big-screen debut in the next sequel to Suicide Squad before transitioning to Warner Media's streaming service.

Putting the attention on such little characters in such a massive film may seem risky, but if anyone knows how to do it well, it's Gunn. Of course, the director took the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were almost unknown to the majority of moviegoers, to two smash-hit pictures that delighted reviewers and audiences alike.

Gunn will also direct the Guardians to a third MCU picture, but he'll take a detour into the DC universe courtesy of Disney's infamous firing and rehiring of his services.

5 facts about Peacemaker: John Cena's superhero character

1) Who is Peacemaker & how he came to DC Comics

The superhero debuted as a Charlton comic character in 1966, and was later bought by DC Comics in 1980s. He's a superhero, a supervillain, and, well, the world's biggest d****ebag, according to director James Gunn.

"When Cena hared his perspective on the Peacemaker at the DC FanDome, he said, "He's like a d****ey Captain America. [Peacemaker] is a man who believes in peace at all costs, no matter how many people he has to kill.""

To learn more about the character, let's look deeper at Christopher Smith, a.k.a. DC Comics' Superhero character, who first appeared in Charlton Comics in 1966.

2) The DC Character's powers

Though Peacemaker lacks superpowers, he wields power through his money and resources, much like Batman. Physically, he's similar to John Cena, in peak physical shape and capable of knocking out any prospective foe, regardless of who it is.

He also has access to top-of-the-line military weapons, which he avoids utilizing lethally until absolutely necessary.

He's an excellent driver and pilot, as well as being competent in hand-to-hand combat. His tactical abilities are unrivaled, which is understandable given his military background.

3) His DCEU power & history

John Cena's character in this edition is identical to the one in the comic. The character is poised to appear remarkably similar, with an armory of "non-lethal but intended to murder" weaponry and extensive physical abilities.

What is questionable, however, is the character's history in the DCEU universe, given it is currently under-revealed and unknown to the audience.

However, the narrative appears to be pretty similar thus far, since we can see the superhero character being freed from prison at the opening of the film, which is allegedly a reference to Suicide Squad.

4) Peacemaker's backstory in The Suicide Squad

It is a bit shocking that this character of Cena, of all people, gets to be the first DCEU character to have its own TV series. After his shoot-out with Bloodsport, it is hard to believe that he survived after The Suicide Squad's actions.

Gunn could've written a show around any of the Suicide Squad characters, but he selected Cena's character, which tells a lot about what he must think of the potential in the role.

5) What's next for John Cena & his character in the DC Extended Universe

It's unknown whether John Cena has a long-term deal with DC and Warner Bros., but given how quickly the studios greenlit the Peacemaker TV program for HBO Max, they're probably just as excited about him as James Gunn. If that's the case, Cena's future in the DCEU might be bright.

With his performance in The Suicide Squad successfully combining comedy and somber moments, it's evident that the character has a lot of promise, and his status as a government-employed villain only adds to the DCEU's intrigue.

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