5 times BTS pranked each other

BTS at the 64th Grammy Awards (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)
BTS at the 64th Grammy Awards (Image via @bts_bighit/Twitter)

BTS loves pranks and they never fail to pull a fast one over unsuspecting members. Having spent over 10 years together, the members are as close as a family. One of the features of a tight-knit family is their ability to joke around with each other, and the group has that down to perfection.

Whenever the group gets together, and that is 360 out of 365 days according to Jin, the members are always teasing and poking fun at each other. They genuinely enjoy each other's company and that is clearly visible from their interactions with each other.

5 funny pranks BTS members have successfully pulled on each other

1) Water fights

theyre so aggressive 😭 this is a concert not marathon of water CHILL JWOSBSK@BTS_twt #V #JK #BTSMusterSoWooZoo #8YearsToInfinityWithBTS #SOWOOZOO #2021BTSFESTA #BTS8thAnniversary #BTS #BTSARMY

The water bottles on the stage are not just for BTS to quench their thirst between performances but also to engage in water fights. They lock in on their targets and douse the members with water mid-performance. This ensues into a revenge battle on stage which only ends one way: every member being drenched as collateral damage.

During the SOWOOZOO online concert, V doused an entire bottle of water on Jungkook and ran away. However, Jungkook has never backed away from a fight. While the other members continued their performance, one could see Jungkook chasing V across the stage, only stopping when he had completed his mission of drenching V.

2) J-Hope being stranded

During season 4 of Bon Voyage in New Zealand, J-Hope had gone into the shop to return some items. During his absence, Jin hatched his evil plans of making J-Hope think that the rest of the members had abandoned him.

Soon all the members got into their vehicles and drove off to a distance and waited for J-Hope to realize what had happened. J-Hope upon returning spotted no one and felt confused at first. When the betrayal struck, he called Jimin asking how he could do such a thing to J-Hope.

It all ended well with the members hugging it out, but not before throwing Jin under the bus for being the mastermind behind the prank.

3) VLive betrayal

The James Charles/ Tati/ Jeffree drama is nothing compared to Jinmin betraying Jungkook on Vlive..

Jin was doing an Eat Jin broadcast on VLive when Jimin joined him. Together, they were doing a mukbang while chatting with ARMYs. Jungkook saw that they were live and told the two members to wait for him as he too wanted to talk to ARMYs. Jin and Jimin’s evil minds started working overtime and the two decided to end the broadcast right when Jungkook came knocking on Jin’s hotel room door.

Betrayed by their actions, Jungkook went back to his room and started his own VLive broadcast, which was later joined by Jin and Jimin who were too busy teasing the maknae.

4) RM's Run BTS surprise

🔗 [ RUN BTS Ep 154 ] ✨✨Their reaction when RM said that in this episode, they have to run 30km to their company in Seoul 😂😂 ( Rm prank) [ Last Episode ] 🥺#Runbts #runbtsep154 #BTS

The theme of Run BTS episode 154 was relaxation, however, the members were very wary of the producers knowing their knack for producing sudden challenges. BTS were brought to the dining area to eat a lavish meal.

The members enjoyed their conversations, having a few laughs while devouring their meals. After their meal, the producers handed an envelope to RM to read out their next course of action.

The ever-mischievous RM pretended that the theme of this episode was to run 30km to the BigHit Entertainment building in Yongsan. The members believed his words and were rendered speechless. Only when RM laughed did they realize that they had been pranked.

J-Hope was shocked by RM’s brilliant acting skills and Jin even stated that he thought it was an ingenious challenge to feed the members copious amounts of food and then make them run a marathon.

5) ISAC prank

remember during isac, jin was sleeping and jungkook took a picture of him and posted it on twitter

The Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC) is the idol version of the Olympics where K-pop groups are divided into various teams to compete in various sports competitions. It is an opportunity for all the idols to get together and have a fun time, however, it is equally exhausting due to the long filming hours.

Jin was getting his much-needed rest in when he fell asleep amid the hustle-bustle of the 2017 ISAC. Jimin, V, Jungkook, and RM took the opportunity to create a BTS shrine using the BTS lightstick, member fan pickets, and water bottles around the sleeping member.

Upon waking up, Jin was surprised by his surroundings but took the prank in his stride, picking up the fan pickets and waving them around. A cute ending to a harmless prank.

BTS is currently performing four sold-out nights of their PTD concerts at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas.

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