5 times K-pop idols made surprising cameos in K-dramas

TXT's Yeonjun in Live On K-drama (Image via OSEN)
TXT's Yeonjun in Live On K-drama (Image via OSEN)

K-pop idols definitely incorporate multiple talents. Acting in short films, web series, and dramas, is one of them. With K-dramas and K-pop taking over the world with their impressive quality of portraying Korean culture and creative ideas masterfully, the two components from the Korean Entertainment industry are undoubtedly winning hearts.

When Red Velvet made an appearance on the 2016 hit Descendants of the Sun, both K-pop and K-drama fans couldn't stop cheering and talking about the cameo. Surprise visits by beloved K-pop idols on fan-favorite K-dramas are liked by everyone. Don't they? Hence, here are 5 times K-pop idols surprised fans with their cameos in K-dramas.

K-pop idols who have surprised fans with special guest appearances in K-dramas

1) SEVENTEEN's Joshua in A-Teen 2

soooooo I was rewatching A - TEEN 2 and guess who I just freaking saw, its Mr. Hong Joshua sht karon pako!!!

Joshua from SEVENTEEN made his acting debut with a small cameo in A-Teen 2, a South Korean teenage themed web series. Although his time on episode 7 lasted only a minute, Joshua stole the show with his charming appearance.

Joshua appeared as the friend of Ryu Joo Ha (Golden Child’s Bomin), who came to surprise him on his birthday with a cake. Following Joshua’s stint on A-Teen 2, SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu reenacted Joshua’s scene from the show and left the CARATs (fandom) laughing.

2) GOT7's Bambam in Jealousy Incarnate

Bambam made a cameo on the new drama "Jealousy Incarnate" as a Thai man clubbing in Bangkok YESS BOII BEAT HIS ASS!!

The GOT7 member made a cameo in the first episode of the 2016 K-drama Jealousy Incarnate starring Jo Jung-suk and Gong Hyo-jin in the leading roles. The riBBon singer played the role of a stranger who met Lee Hwa-shin (Jung-suk) in a club.

The K-pop idol displayed his tough side by defending himself in the scene. It was a rare sight for his fans as they found BamBam goofing around most of the time. Apart from the cameo, BamBam has also starred in two films: Fairy Tale Killer and Sanctuary.

3) Red Velvet in Descendants of the Sun

descendent of the sun cameo - in the final episode of descendants of the sun, red velvet performed dumb dumb to boost the soldiers

The SM Entertainment girl group Red Velvet made a cameo in the 2016 hit drama Descendants of the Sun and earned praise for their performance. The Russian Roulette group appeared on the finale episode, making the final ride even better for the viewers.

The girls had a concert to boost the morale of the soldiers and danced to Dumb Dumb, binding the audience with their powerful moves. Plus, their attendance gave the DOTS fans an adorable interaction between Yoo Si-jin (Song Joong-ki) and Kang Mo-yeon (Song Hye-kyo).

K-pop idols and Red Velvet members Joy, Irene, and Yeri have since then established an acting career with hits like Tempted, Blue Birthday, Double Patty, The One and Only, The Liar and His Love among others etc under their credit list.

4) TXT's Yeonjun in Live On

Yall I just saw YEONJUN in 'LIVE ON' kdrama!!! Hdjwjsjs #TXT #YeonjunLiveOnCameo #TXT_YEONJUN

Like Red Velvet, TXT’s Yeonjun also made a cameo in the final episode of Live On. The fourth-generation K-pop idol made his acting debut by playing the ex-boyfriend of Ji So-hyun (Yang Hye-ji).

His appearance in the coming-of-age drama garnered love from all the TXT fans who couldn’t stop gushing over his special appearance on the show.

5) EXO in To The Beautiful You


The K-pop idols from SM Entertainment’s mega boy group, EXO, set the drama on fire with an incredible performance on the 2012 drama To The Beautiful You.

FYI, EXO made their debut in the same year, and were already topping the charts. Hence, their cameo and performance in the drama elevated its popularity and even created a buzz on social media.

Luckily, the fans have been able to see more of EXO in K-dramas and movies. Many members of the group, D.O., Xiumin, and Sehun, have gained the status of famous actors in the K-drama world.

While some K-pop idols have entertained fans with their small cameos and onscreen appearances in K-dramas, several of them have proved to be excellent K-drama stars with multiple hit projects under their belt.

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