5 most viewed music videos of rookie groups: IVE, Kep1er, and more

Monster rookie group IVE (Image via Twitter/@IVEstarship)
Monster rookie group IVE (Image via Twitter/@IVEstarship)

Rookie groups like IVE, LE SSERAFIM, and Kep1er, among others, are scaling new heights with their music. The up-and-coming fourth-gen artists have continually showcased their talent and charisma through their debut albums.

Rookie groups have experimented with various concepts and formulated novel ways to reach their audience. From soulful melodies to playful beats, these K-pop idols have offered music enthusiasts a diverse range of art forms.

This article curates a list of the most viewed music videos of rookie groups to commemorate their first step in the K-pop world.

Disclaimer: The article considers the data available as of September 2022 and considers groups that debuted in/after December 2021.

Love Dive, FEARLESS, and more: Five most viewed music videos of rookie groups

5) After LIKE - IVE (102.3 million views)


With over 102.3 million views, After LIKE was released as the leading track for IVE's third single album of the same name. The six-member girl group debuted on December 1, 2021, with the single album Eleven.

After LIKE's music video premiered on August 22, 2022, and surpassed the 100 million mark on September 26, 2022, a month after its release, making it the group's fastest music video to set that record. With six members dancing in unison, the track draws one's attention instantly. The pop song offers elements of EDM, house music, and disco. This heady combination makes it IVE's party song, while also expressing one's love through actions.

4) FEARLESS - LE SSERAFIM (117 million views)


LE SSERAFIM debuted on May 2, 2022, under Souce Music, a subsidiary of Hybe labels. Initially a six-member girl group, Kim Ga-ram was removed from the band due to bullying allegations in July 2022. Their debut mini-album FEARLESS consists of five tracks, including the title song of the same name.

The funk-based dance-pop number narrates a story of a bunch of fearless girls. Their focus is on moving forward without being shaken by the past. The rookie group gained tasted commercial success with the release of FEARLESS, including its #69 rank on the Billboard Global 200. Its music video currently has over 117 million views on YouTube, a considerable feat for a rookie group.

The girl group is set to make an October comeback with their second album release, ANTIFRAGILE.

3) Wa Da Da - Kep1er (135.4 million views)


Released as the title track for Kep1er's debut Extended Play First Impact, Wa Da Da currently has over 135.4 million views. The nine-member girl group was formed through Mnet's reality survival show, Girls Planet 999, and made its debut in January 2022.

Wa Da Da's music video premiered on January 3, 2022, and is hailed as a dance-pop number. Through the song, the rookie group thanked its audience, who lent their unconditional support and showered them with praise. It conveys the group's deep love and gratitude towards their fans. Kep1er is ready to make its comeback in October with the mini-album TROUBLESHOOTER.

2) Love Dive - IVE (157 million views)


Love Dive was released as the lead single for IVE's second single album of the same name. The music video premiered on April 5, 2022, and hooked viewers from start to end. With over 157 million views as of September 2022, it is the second most viewed music video by a rookie group.

Love Dive is a modern dark pop number and has ten music show wins to its name. The girls' stunning visuals in the music video are a show-stopper. The pre-chorus, as well as the slow-paced rhythmic melody of the chorus, offer an eclectic musical experience. The song peaked at #1 on the Billboard South Korea chart - July 2022 edition, giving a glimpse of the IVE's rising popularity.

1) Eleven - IVE (158.8 million views)


The monster rookie group IVE rightly lives up to the title bestowed upon them. With a whopping 158.6 million view count, the music video for Eleven is the most viewed music video by a rookie group. Premiered on December 1, 2021, Eleven is IVE's debut single from the album of the same name.

The dance-pop number earned immense popularity and commercial success, peaking up at #2 on both the Gaon Digital Chart and K-pop Hot 100. The lyrics revolve around a girl's romantic feelings and what her loving heart wants to express. It also debuted at #68 on the Billboard Global 200, signifying the rookie group's talent and skills.

The rookie groups of K-pop have proved their worth through the massive reception of their music videos. Their excellent concepts and mesmerizing vocals have carved a place in the otherwise competitive entertainment industry. With some of these upcoming stars gearing for a comeback, it would be enthralling to witness the new elements they bring to the table.

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Edited by Sayati Das