5 YouTubers who died tragically: Car crash to gun-shot wounds, Influencers’ deaths that shocked the world

Still of Youtuber Timothy Wilks, Grant Thompson & /Images via Twitter
Still of Youtuber Timothy Wilks, Grant Thompson & /Images via Twitter
Modified 05 May 2021

Over the years, many YouTube creators have managed to grow large audiences for their channels and in some cases nurture meaningful relationships with these audiences .

Some shocked the world with their untimely demise, leaving behind a void in the hearts of family and fans, making their YouTube channels a grim reminder of their passing.

Creators from YouTube whose death caused an impact on Mental Health and More

YouTube does have a destructive side to it as well, with scandals, feuds and toxic upload culture for the sake of clout on the social platform.

Some of these well-liked creators have gone on to serve as a reminder that dangerous stunts, ignoring one's mental health and various other unhealthy behavior can lead to an untimely death.

Let’s take a look at some creators that left this planet sooner than expected.

Timothy Wilks

Still of Timothy Wilks and crime scene of the fatal shooting/Image via KnowYourMeme
Still of Timothy Wilks and crime scene of the fatal shooting/Image via KnowYourMeme

Robbery prank outcomes rarely have a happy ending, and so was the case with Youtuber Timothy Wilks. The 20-year-old was fatally shot after reportedly attempting to make the Robbery prank video.

Timothy and his friend, an unnamed accomplice, filmed the video on Friday, 5th February 2021 at a parking lot in Nashville, Tennessee, United States. Reports revealed that the two approached strangers in the parking lot with butcher knives.

One of the victims of the prank, 23-year-old David Starnes Jr., shot the young YouTuber claiming to be in self-defense. Wilks’ death was another case of a prank gone horribly wrong.

Corey La Barrie

screencap from Corey La Barrie Youtube video/Image via Youtube
screencap from Corey La Barrie Youtube video/Image via Youtube

YouTuber Corey La Barrie died a tragic death on his 25th birthday from a car crash in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, the star's last moments were dictated by his friend, Daniel Joseph Silva, who was driving the car.

It was revealed by the Los Angeles Police Department that Silva was speeding in a 2020 McLaren 600LT. Silva lost control and ran off the road and hit a stop sign and a tree.

La Barrie is known for his entertaining videos offering a glimpse into his life with fellow creators. The star even collaborated with Zane for a Tesla prank on Youtuber David Dorbrik.

Emily Hartridge

Still of Emily Hartridge /Imaga via @emilyhartridge
Still of Emily Hartridge /Imaga via @emilyhartridge

Sadly, YouTube star Emily Hartridge's death was the first incident of an e-scooter crash leading to the rider's demise in UK.

The media personality's cause of death was the result of a deflated tire after she lost control and was thrown under a lorry. The star died instantly from multiple traumatic injuries.

Aside from growing a huge presence on YouTube from her videos on sex, relationships, love and mental health, Hartridge was also a well-known television presenter.


Screencap from Etika
Screencap from Etika's stream/Image via Youtube

Desmond Daniel Amofah, aka Etika, was a famous streamer, and the YouTuber's death prompted mental health concerns in the gaming community after the beloved star's cause of death was determined to be suicide by drowning.

The incident was especially traumatic as Etika's suicidal thoughts came to light via Youtube vidoes which were removed by the platform due to violation of terms of service. Experts believe that Amofah's behavior had all the warning signs that, if picked up early, could have helped prevent his suicide.

Grant Thompson - "The King of Random"

Still of Grant Thompson/Image via Twitter
Still of Grant Thompson/Image via Twitter

Grant Thompson had a successful career on YouTube with over 11 million subscribers (currently, 12M). After his untimely death, Thompson's wife took over the channel and still regularly uploads with other creators serving as co-hosts.

Famously known as "The King of Random" on Youtube, Grant Thompson met his unfortunate end in a paragliding accident.

Grant Thompson heralded the start of some interesting science-related "How To" videos.

Published 05 May 2021
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