5 YouTubers who are now in jail 

5 YouTubers who found themselves in jail (Images via Click2Houston, Doubletroubleshop and Twitter)
5 YouTubers who found themselves in jail (Images via Click2Houston, Doubletroubleshop and Twitter)

Often YouTubers push the boundary when it comes to the content they upload to their channels. Unique videos amass more views and likes, which make content creators rise to fame.

Usually, creators know when to draw the line for dangerous content being uploaded or stunts that are too dangerous to perform. Sometimes, YouTubers take things too far, putting themselves and others in serious danger.

Here are 5 YouTubers who crossed boundaries, endangered other people, and even caused fatalities which led to them being put behind bars.

5 YouTubers who found themselves in jail

5) Monalisa Perez

Monalisa was a makeup and fashion vlogger but now uploads videos of herself giving advice. On June 26, 2017, Monalisa and her boyfriend, Pedro Ruiz set out to make an extremely dangerous video.

They decided to place a really thick encyclopedia on his chest and Monalisa would shoot a gun at the book. The two were expecting the book to be thick enough to stop the bullet but unfortunately this was a grave miscalculation.

The bullet ended up going straight through the book and Pedro passed away shortly after. Monalisa was arrested immediately and sentenced in December 2017 to only six months in prison after pleading guilty to the charges.


The YouTuber will remain on probation for the next 10 years as well as receiving a lifetime ban from owning a firearm. Her new channel holds 81 subscribers.

4) Ryan Stone

In 2014, YouTuber Ryan Stone led police on a dangerous high-speed chase that lasted over an hour when they traveled over 60 miles and critically injured a state trooper.

Stone had stolen a vehicle from a gas station that had a four-year-old boy in the back seat. Reports claimed that Stone may have been under the influence of drugs and was struggling with addiction at the time, which may have possibly led to this erratic and dangerous behavior.

Ryan Stone sentenced to 160 years in prison (Image via YouTube)
Ryan Stone sentenced to 160 years in prison (Image via YouTube)

Stone was sentenced in 2015 to 160 years in prison, but will likely become eligible for probation in 75 years, which would make him 102 years old at that time.

3) The Stokes Twins

Alex and Alan Stokes, the British twin YouTubers, were known for their prank videos, but they uploaded a video last year, causing a stir for the two. There was supposed to be a bank robbery prank in the video, which led to them calling an uber.

The YouTubers were seen wearing black outfits, ski masks and had large duffel bags. They pretended like they had just robbed a bank. The uber driver rightfully denied taking them anywhere and a witness thought that the boys were carjacking the Uber driver and called the police.

The twins played a similar prank at the University of California, where police officials were called again and were let off with a warning.

They have since been charged with false imprisonment as well as falsely reporting an emergency which could have led to them each receiving a five-year sentence. The two pleaded guilty and found themselves back on YouTube creating content for their young audience.

2) Stanislav Reshetnikov

A Russian YouTuber named Stanislav Reshetnikov was arrested just a few days ago and is being investigated for the death of his girlfriend Valentina.

Stanislav Reshetnikov (Image via YouTube)
Stanislav Reshetnikov (Image via YouTube)

On a live stream Stanislav was offered $1000 to lock Valentina outside in the freezing cold which he accepted to do. His girlfriend ended up passing away due to hypothermia after being left outside. Stanislav continued the live stream even after he had discovered what happened to her. Paramedics later showed up and pronounced Valentina dead.

His YouTube account has been terminated and he remains in police custody as they finish conducting their investigation.

1) Mr. Anime aka LensCapProductions

Mr. Anime, whose original name is Trey Eric Sesler, was a YouTuber who liked to review anime content. He quickly became one of the largest anime review channels, but things took a dark turn in 2012.

Mr. Anime (Image via Facebook)
Mr. Anime (Image via Facebook)

Trey planned to kill 70 people at his high school's pep rally. Fortunately, the plan did not come to being, but the YouTuber did end up killing his own family. He said he did it so that they would be spared from knowing his ultimate plan, one that he never carried out.

The tragic situation ended with Trey being given a life sentence in prison. Many thought that he might even receive the death penalty since he lives in Texas where it is legal. The YouTuber also asked police officials to remove parole opportunities stating that he does not trust himself out of prison.

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