6 best shows from Paris Fashion Week SS24 

Paris Fashion Week SS24
Best shows at Paris Fashion Week SS24 (Image via official site of the brands)

The crescendo of the fashion month is undoubtedly Paris Fashion Week SS24, held in the city renowned as the epicenter of global fashion. With its unmatched prestige, Paris Fashion Week becomes the canvas for designers worldwide to paint their visions, defining trends for the season ahead.

As the grand finale of a whirlwind month that began in New York City and moved through London and Milan, Paris Fashion Week SS24 promised unparalleled creativity. The much-anticipated event showcased a mesmerizing blend of heritage and modernity, where renowned houses and contemporary names alike presented their avant-garde creations.

This Spring-Summer 2024 edition promised an eclectic mix of sartorial excellence. It blended time-honored traditions with contemporary verve, and Paris is certainly living the most important week of the year.

Here are 6 best shows from Paris Fashion Week SS24 that you can count on.

6 best shows from Paris Fashion Week SS24

1) Saint Laurent: Flying high with elegance

Showcased against the backdrop of the iconic Eiffel Tower, Saint Laurent’s SS24 collection infused aviation elements into high fashion. Anthony Vaccarello’s creative genius shone through with designs reminiscent of the pioneering spirit of women in aviation.

This collection offered an array of earthy tones, seamlessly blending with signature gold hardware and detailing synonymous with the brand's identity.

Cargo pants, service jackets, pleated trousers, and sheer tops together epitomized a blend of utility and chic sophistication. The accessories stood out, especially the oversized sunglasses and leather gloves, embracing both aesthetics and functionality.

2) Christian Dior: Audacious and elegant

Christian Dior's show turned out to be a perfect symphony of feminism and artistry. At the Paris Fashion Week SS24, Christian Dior, under Maria Grazia Chiuri’s guidance, presented a collection that was both audacious and elegant. The vibrant backdrop set by Elena Bellantoni boldly proclaimed feminist statements, setting the tone for the collection.

Neutral palettes took center stage, with lace dresses, cinched-waist blazers, and white shirts making poignant appearances.

Asymmetry, gladiator-style ballet flats, and utilitarian vests captured the essence of Dior’s vision for the season. The juxtaposition of muted shades with bold designs encapsulated Dior’s timeless charm.

3) Acne Studios: Celebrating club vibes

Acne Studios’ SS24 collection was a vibrant homage to club culture. The oversized disco ball, combined with energetic beats, set the tone for a line that boasted leather tailoring, exaggerated point pumps, and oversized eyewear.

The collection marked a significant transition for the brand, moving from its denim roots and venturing into sheer tartans, constructed mesh, and hoop hems.

4) Marni: A burst of whimsical delights

Marni: A burst of whimsical delights (Image via Twitter/@red_eye_world)
Marni: A burst of whimsical delights (Image via Twitter/@red_eye_world)

Marni's Parisian debut was a delightful blend of whimsy and elegance. Francesco Risso’s creations, showcased in Karl Lagerfeld's former residence, featured vibrant striped jackets, mini capes, checkered suits, and a playful array of wide-leg trousers and knitted tights, upholding Marni's signature eccentricity.

5) Christopher Esber: A Dance of Materials

The Australian designer, Christopher Esber, marked his debut at Paris Fashion Week. The designer came up with a collection that emphasized materials and their symphony with the human form.

Earthy palettes of stone and sand were juxtaposed with Chantilly lace, silk, and leather ties, reflecting Esber's artistic prowess.

6) Cecilie Bahnsen: Crafting Everyday Elegance

Cecilie Bahnsen's show at Paris Fashion Week SS24 was a real-life proof of 'Everyday Couture.' Her designs, characterized by lace dresses and red-tulle stitched denim outfits, were paired with upcycled sneakers, symbolizing Bahnsen's commitment to sustainable fashion.

With Paris Fashion Week SS24 drawing to a close, it stands as a reminder of the unparalleled artistry and innovation that the world of fashion embodies. Each show, with its unique narrative and design philosophy, contributes to the grand tapestry of sartorial excellence.

As the curtain falls, anticipation brews for the next season and Paris promises to return with yet another chapter of its timeless fashion tale.

Edited by Krutik Jain