6 iconic Batman moments of all time

Six iconic Caped Crusader moments of all time (Images via DC Comics)
Six iconic Caped Crusader moments of all time (Images via DC Comics)

DC Comics' Batman is one of the biggest and most interesting superheroes of all time. The caped crusader has become one of the most beloved characters over the course of 79 years, with achievements in graphic novels, TV, and cinema. As The Batman movie is about to hit theaters on March 4, now is a great opportunity to explore the character in all of its forms.

As a result, here are the six finest picked moments from the Dark Knight's illustrious career among all platforms. Considering the number of situations to choose from, the list has been intricately compiled. Furthermore, find out what in popular opinion are the finest scenes of all time!

A cross-company crossover and 5 other iconic Batman scenes

1) The Caped Crusader and the Joker


Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, recoed as the one of the finest heroic blockbusters of all time, reduced both Bruce and the Joker down to their absolute minimum. This led to fans' favorite scene of all time: the interrogation room scrimmage.

Bruce began a cross-examination of the most brutal decree by slamming the clown's unhinged skull against the tabletop. The Joker admitted that not only did he abduct Harvey Dent, but also Rachel Dawes. He tried to despirit the Dark Knight while also attempting to provoke him, as Bruce found himself in the middle of one of the Joker's maddening games.

The scene displayed a battle of the mind as well as a physical one, and the Joker was a step ahead. Batman was given the choice to choose between saving Harvey and Rachel. The action subsequently devolved into a mad scramble and the Knight failed to save Rachael from dying, and Harvey from suffering half-body burns.

This was a montage that encapsulated DC Comics' oldest and most historic rivalry. It accepted Bruce and his mortal enemy's craziness whilst reinforcing Gotham's need for such a guardian. It was devastating, adrenaline-pumping, and our choice for the best Batman scene ever.

2) Warehouse defeat in Dawn of Justice


In Zack Snyder's much-discussed controversial movie Batman vs Superman, when we first meet Ben Affleck's Bruce Wayne, he is at rock bottom and has been reduced to murdering minimal criminals in order to obtain the vengeance he seeks. However, Bruce's encounter with Superman demonstrates that there is still compassion left in him.

The rivalry between Batman and Superman finally erupts into a battle, with Batman emerging victorious, and almost killing Superman with kryptonite. When he discovers that both of their moms are called Martha, he decides not to murder Superman. In fact, upon Superman's request, Bruce makes a promise to save Martha and barges into the warehouse.

Snyder releases the older and bitter vigilante at the perfect moment in a visually breathtaking moment. Bruce ruthlessly smashes all of Lex Luthor's minions as he battles his path to the Beast, shattering heads and whipping spiky Batarangs at his foes causing the warehouse scene. He launches a flamethrower when he finds Martha at the end of it, slaughters everybody in the room and rescues Martha.

3) Recreating The Killing Joke scene in Batman: Damned

Batman: The Killing Joke last scene (Image via GeekTyrant/Twitter)
Batman: The Killing Joke last scene (Image via GeekTyrant/Twitter)

Batman: The Killing Joke is widely regarded as one of the best tales ever written. The Joker tells him a joke in the comic's last pages, and the two begin to giggle. Their laughter slowly fades away, indicating that Bruce eliminates his biggest foe, according to some fans. The supervillain's plot, in an eerie coincidence, appears to push Bruce to breach his single principle.

Under similar circumstances, in Batman: Damned, Bruce discovers himself drugged and cornered in a showdown with the Joker's major sweetheart, Harley Quinn. Bruce regains consciousness and fights back in a violent manner, similar to that in The Killing Joke. He raises Harley up, unfocussed at the Bat Signal, with his fists wrapped around her neck.

As the narrative proceeds, the villain's dangling feet are shown, in a display of Bruce executing the infamous character. The arrangement of the scenes and the bewilderment over what's truly going on on the page is remarkably identical to The Killing Joke's last page.

4) Unexpected cross-company crossover

Batman/Helloboy/Starman is undoubtedly a cross-company crossover, which casts the somber three fighting Nazis and unraveling secrets. It cannot be justified to be equally remarkable had it been a solo run, but watching three legendary superheroes working by each other's side to destroy ancient old gods is the sort of thing that followers really wish for.

Quite significantly, it's an exciting time to be a comic fan who enjoys watching the medium's limits stretched, displaying heroes who nobody would hardly anticipate being paired alongside.

5) Batman and Nightwing as family in Batman: Gothan Knights

Nightwing aka Dick Grayson as the adopted son in Batman: Gotham Knights (Image via RedClops123/Twitter)
Nightwing aka Dick Grayson as the adopted son in Batman: Gotham Knights (Image via RedClops123/Twitter)

Dick Grayson, Tim Drake, and Cassandra Cain are three of Bruce Wayne's wards whom he has fully accepted as his kids and successors. Bruce softens with time and establishes the healthiest ties between Tim Drake and Cassandra Cain with every new version of Robin or Batgirl.

Nonetheless, Bruce and Dick Grayson have a complicated relationship because of their opposing communication styles, until he officially discloses the adoption news in Gotham Knights.

The moment ultimately exemplifies their interaction, with Bruce expressing his affection via actions, and Dick vocally expressing his devotion while signing the adoption papers. It was an iconic moment as the two built a bond of affection with Bruce making an addition to his family.

6) The Dark Knight encounters Victor Fries in The Animated Series


Mr. Freeze's roots were chronicled in a beautiful tragedy called "Heart of Ice" in Batman: The Animated Series, an episode that received an Emmy for its script.

It tells the heartbreaking narrative of Victor Fries, who freezes his unwell wife to keep her safe. He is battling to keep her frozen, and to destroy the individual responsible for placing her in danger, which leads to a string of crimes. However, Bruce reveals the truth upon examining a string of thefts.

When Bruce apprehends Mr. Freeze, he is sent to Arkham Asylum. With the snow globe in his grasp, Mr. Freeze declares that he failed his wife and hopes that she can listen to him. Although this is more of a Mr. Freeze tale, the profoundly tragic reality of Freeze's life elevates this episode to a particular position.

Be it Christopher Nolan or Zack Snyder, viewers are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to experience the Caped Crusader. Bruce Wayne's adventures with his dual identity have become timeless tales that fans want to consume on repeat. Enjoy these iconic moments that pay heed to one of the greatest vigilantes the comic world will ever know.

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