From Joker to Scarecrow, 5 eerie Batman movie villains

5 eerie Batman movie villains (Image via Instagram: riddler_ednygma, arkhams_chef_phyciatrist, cranesmistressoffear, poison_ivy_kiss, thejokerzone)
5 eerie Batman movie villains (Image via Instagram: riddler_ednygma, arkhams_chef_phyciatrist, cranesmistressoffear, poison_ivy_kiss, thejokerzone)

Batman is known to frequently lock horns with some of the larger-than-life supervillains we know in the DC universe. Some of them possess great physical strength whereas some come with a unique evil flair of their own.

As a matter of fact, a large segment of fans believe that the Batmanverse is more about the villains than the caped crusader himself and we can't blame them. Over time, DC has offered fans a formidable supply of supervillains who have exhibited over-the-top flair and personality in their own way.

Here we are going to talk about 5 of the eeriest supervillains we have come across in Batman movies. Let's get started.

5 eerie Batman movie villains of all time

1) Riddler

Edward Nigma AKA Riddler is the one-of-a-kind supervillain you will ever find in the DCverse. First appearing in a comic book issued back in 1948, this character has proved its caliber to make life difficult for Gotham's protector.

His signature riddles, the green suit, and his eerie on-screen presence make him one of the Dark Knight's toughest opponents. Riddler was seen in several Batman movies and also in Netflix's TV show Gotham.

2) Hugo Strange

Professor Hugo Strange is another supervillain in the DC universe, known for being the corrupt and insanity-driven Chief of Psychiatry at Arkham Asylum.

The character is known for executing inhuman experiments back at Arkham in the quest to create superhumans (read supervillains). The result of one of Professor Strange's successful experiments was Mr. Freeze.

3) Scarecrow

Scarecrow, originally known as Jonathan Crane, is a DC supervillain known for the production and usage of the infamous fear gas. Scarecrow uses the gas to traumatize his victims where they start hallucinating about their darkest fears. Scarecrow's eerieness is well assisted by the costume he wears.

4) Poison Ivy

Poison Ivy, formerly known as Pamela Lillian Isley, is the only female supervillain on this list. Ivy's bizarre on-screen presence and possession of super power made her one of the toughest villains Batman had ever encountered. Her uber obsession with nature makes her a mysterious antagonist.

5) Joker

You knew this was coming... we knew it too and so we saved it for the last.

The Joker is the most exceptional supervillain the Dark Knight has ever faced. Popularly known as the Clown Prince of Crime, the Joker is known for his hideous crimes and has always topped the chart when it comes to Batman movie villains.

The character was first created back in 1940. It has several origins that vary from the pages of comic books to the silverscreen. Joker was, is, and always will be an automatic choice when a list of DC supervillains is developed.

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