"About to meet your match": 90 Day: The Single Life fans react as Josh's ex takes a dig at Natalie

Natalie meets Josh
Natalie meets Josh's "beautiful" ex-wife (Images via TLC and nataliemordovtseva/ Instagram)

90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 Episode 6 aired on TLC on October 17, 2022. Natalie met Josh's ex-wife, Candace, and his son on a boat. She was worried about them not liking her since it could break up their relationship. Josh advised her to be candid during the meeting, but she grew insecure about Candace, who looked good in her dress.

She tried not to compete with Candace but was angry at herself for just wearing a black T-shirt. Candace told Natalie that she was married to Josh for nine years and was still best friends with him. She also said that she approved of whoever Josh dates and asked Natalie if she had a problem with her close bond with Josh.

She took a dig at Natalie's age by saying that she was different from other women because,

"He usually dates girls that are younger, just a different look. That's all."

Some 90 Day: The Single Life fans were unhappy with Candace's behavior, while others felt that Natalie had met her match.

Hahaha! Natalie., you’re about to meet your match #90dayfiance
Candice is pretty but she looks Natalie’s age herself. #90DayTheSingleLife #90dayfiancethesinglelife #90DayFiance

90 Day: The Single Life fans have mixed reactions as Natalie meets Josh's ex-wife

Some 90 Day: The Single Life fans were unhappy with Candace taking a dig at Natalie's age, while others were amused to see Natalie's lack of comeback to Candace's statement.

Candace's comment did not impress some people (Image via Shabooty/ Instagram)
Candace's comment did not impress some people (Image via Shabooty/ Instagram)
You guys don’t give Natalie enough credit bc if I were her and Josh’s ex looked me up and down like that, I would have started fighting on that boat 😭😭 #90DayFiance
Oh snap!!! I loved it just a little too much when Josh’s ex told Natalie she wasn’t his type and that she was older than the typical women he dates! 😂🤣#90DayFianceTheSingleLife #90DayTheSingleLife #90DayFiance
Natalie has met her match in Josh’s ex. #90dayfiancethesinglelife #90DayFiance
Candiace just threw major shade. Natalie had zero comeback.#90dayfiancethesinglelife#90DayFiance

What happened on 90 Day: The Single Life tonight?

Tonight on 90 Day: The Single Life, Debbie packed her bags to leave for Canada. She felt that the tour was going to test her relationship with Tony. She was still wondering whether to move in with Tony.

Tony picked up Debbie from the airport and joked about the airport authorities not kicking her out. Debbie was tense about the relationship and rented her own car to easily drive to the airport if she ever fought with Tony.

She felt that her relationship with Colt might never improve if she moved to Canada. She went to Tony's house, but it was not what she expected. His home was full of dragons and fake skulls, including an entire set of skeletons. Tony explained that he loved dragons and bought them whenever he could. He cleaned out a drawer just for Debbie, which made her happy.

The episode description reads,

"After his third date, Caesar must decide which woman he wants to pursue; Debbie visits Tony in Canada, but it's not what she expected; Natalie meets Josh's ex-wife and their teenage son; Veronica receives shocking news from Justin."

Justin and Veronica went ziplining, and Justin shared how he might even let her meet his kids in the future. Veronica's happiness was short-lived as Justin also revealed that he might move to Florida with his daughter and ex. Veronica thought this was a red flag as Justin had not mentioned it before getting physically intimate with her.

He later told her that nothing was fixed yet and asked her to date him for a few more months to see how things proceeded. Veronica seeked reassurance from Justin because she wanted to get married soon.

90 Day: The Single Life airs on TLC every Sunday at 8 pm ET.

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