"After two dates?"- 90 Day: The Single Life fans react as Debbie considers moving to Canada with Tony

Is Debbie moving too fast in her relationship? (Images via TLC and savagedebbiej/ Instagram)
Is Debbie moving too fast in her relationship? (Images via TLC and savagedebbiej/ Instagram)

90 Day: The Single Life aired episode 5 of its third season tonight, October 10. This week, Debbie was worried about finding a new house in the US because her friend had denied letting her move in with her because of her pet cats. Debbie then video-called Tony to inform him of the situation.

Tony asked Debbie to move to Canada so that she could live with him. He also asked her to bring her cats to their new house. Debbie was confused about the whole ordeal and felt that she would have to leave everything behind in the US, including her son Colt and her friends.

When she told Colt about the proposition, he said that her relationship might be moving too fast. While Debbie acknowledged that it had just been a few dates, she also insisted that Tony was her soulmate and claimed to have an instant connection with him.

When Tony stated that he might travel to a place where his dad wanted him to live, Debbie did not want to go with him, confessing that she might lose contact with her son after moving to Canada. However, she also did not want to miss out on her relationship with Tony, and revealed that she will travel to Canada to be with him for a couple of days before making a decision.

90 Day: The Single Life fans were divided over the situation. Some fans felt that Debbie was moving too quickly in this relationship, while others said that she should move to Canada because the couple seemed to be a good match.

Debbie is moving to Canada after two dates? I see where Colt gets this sh*t. They’re the most hormone driven family on television #90DayFiance
I think at this point in life Debbie should just go. These 2 seem like a good match. I hope it works. She's been alone too long. Colt needs his own life too, finally. Next chapter for both. #90DayFiance #90DayTheSingleLife #90dayfiancethesinglelife

90 Day: The Single Life fans split over Debbie wanting to move in with Tony

Some 90 Day: The Single Life fans were shocked by Debbie's decision to move to Canada, given she had just been dating Tony for a few weeks. Others, however, supported Debbie and said that it would "make things easier" not only for her, but for Colt and Vanessa too.

A few fans also stated that Colt should not get a say in Debbie's life.

Colt telling Debbie she's moving too fast is hilarious. They're def cut from the same cloth. #90DayFiance #90DayTheSingleLife
@justjayyp_ I think Debbie should move to Canada and it will make things easier for Colt and Vanessa too. The distance will break the codependency and better for their partners #90DayFiance #90dayfiancethesinglelife
Colt has no authority to tell Debbie she's moving too fast in her relationship!! #90DayFiance #90DayTheSingleLife
#90dayfiancethesinglelife#90DayFiance Debbie said take ur dads ashes and go, I’m headed to the North Pole baby 😆
Debbie: We've only spent 3 days together.Also Debbie: We're soulmates.#90DayFiance
Debbie. You’re 70. Santa wants you and your 200 cats. Pack your things and go. #90DayFiance #90dayfiancethesinglelife
Tony’s got what you need Debbie! A house and… #90DayFiance
Debbie really thinking about moving to Canada with Stranger Danger #90DayFianceTheSingleLife #90DaySingleLife #90DayFiance

A recap of 90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 Episode 4

Last week on 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie, who is generally quite reserved about physical intimacy, decided to be with Josh. Josh prepared breakfast for her, which was a huge deal for her. She, however, did not want him to be near her, leaving him confused about their dynamic.

Natalie then complained that he had no time for her while she gave him all of his time. She stormed off to the bathroom and later explained that her being in a physical relationship with him was a big deal.

Josh was bewildered by their conversation and said that his children "acted better than Natalie" when he left for work. He left Natalie alone and she accused Josh of using her.

The episode description read:

"Caesar goes on his first date in years. As Debbie and Tony make their relationship official, Debbie's living situation takes an unexpected turn. Natalie has a blowout fight with Josh. Tiffany rekindles things with an old flame."

90 Day: The Single Life airs every Monday on TLC at 8 pm ET.

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