Has Natalie been married before? Reality TV star all set to find new husband on 90 Day: The Single Life

Natalie Mordovsteva to return to 90 Day: The Single Life Season 3
Natalie Mordovsteva to return to 90 Day: The Single Life Season 3 (Image via Instagram/@nataliemordovtseva)

90 Day: The Single Life is set to return to TLC Network with season 3 on Monday, September 12 at 8 pm ET. Six individuals who previously appeared in the franchise are returning to find love again. The show will chronicle the lives of the participants coming back to the series and re-entering the dating game after their failed relationship. The show will feature Debbie, Caesar, Natalie, Veronica, Tania, and Tiffany.

Commenting on the synopsis of this season, TLC’s press release said:

"On the brand new season of THE SINGLE LIFE, viewers will follow six determined singles who are diving back into the world of romance after their commitment-phobia to meddling matchmakers to ever-present ex-boyfriends, these six singles are taking another chance on love."

It further stated:

"As they re-enter the dating game, these singles will be thrown their fair share of curveballs. Will their budding romances hit it out of the park or, will they strike out once again?"

Natalie is a fan favorite and was last seen in 90 Day: The Single Life Season 2. The 37-year-old model is from St. Petersburg and currently resides in Florida. She is back on 90 Day: The Single Life after leaving Michael, her ex-husband, and is now on the lookout for a man with whom she can start a family.

Natalie is on a quest to find a husband on the new season of 90 Day: The Single Life

Natalie, who describes herself as "love needy," wants to find a man and start working on the family she always dreamed about.

Speaking about Natalie Mordovtseva, TLC’s press release said:

"Since leaving her estranged husband Michael, self-described “love needy” Natalie has been n the hunt for a man with whom she can start the family she’s always wanted. An aspiring model, Natalie moved to Florida where she fell for a handsome entrepreneur, who happens to run a modeling agency."

It continued:

"The only catch: he already has children of his own from multiple women. Will the pair’s magnetic attraction conquer all or will their baggage prove too much to bear- leaving Natalie back at square one?"

While her potential beau comes with baggage, Natalie isn’t free of that either. The model is set to return to 90 Day: The Single Life; however, she has already been married twice, even before she appeared on 90 Day Fiance with Mike Youngquist. The model admitted that she had earlier been married to Zenon Pierides for less than two years.

During the course of their short-lived marriage, Natalie lived with him in Cyprus but returned to Ukraine when he filed for bankruptcy. She met her second husband, Mr. Podyakov, in Ukraine and was married to him for eight years. Their marriage ultimately ended because the two wanted different things and had other ideas about the concept of family.

While there is little to no information about the first two husbands, viewers have seen the 90 Day: The Single Life star's third marriage run its course on TV. Michael and Natalie were married for four years before filing for divorce. The two made each other miserable even though she previously believed that he was the love of her life.


In a never-seen-before clip from 90 Day: The Single Life, Natalie admitted to still being married to Mike on paper. The clip also included a producer who asked her if she had been married three times before and she replied:

"One marriage I got divorced. I met my second husband. I jumped into marriage…I got divorced. I met Michael, I jumped into marriage."

The reality TV personality kept her previous marriages a secret because she felt that “it’s bad to be married so many times.” Natalie is now single and ready to find herself a man who will want the same things she does - a family.

In the season premiere of 90 Day: The Single Life season 3, titled To Bae or Not To Bae, Natalie will meet with Josh in Los Angeles.

Stay tuned to see if the model will finally find The One and stream the show on Discovery+.

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