ACE Family loses home: Catherine and Austin McBroom reveal why they lost their home to foreclosure

ACE Family responds to house foreclosure in latest video (Image via The ACE Family)
ACE Family responds to house foreclosure in latest video (Image via The ACE Family)

YouTube powerhouse ACE Family is finally addressing the rumors surrounding their house foreclosure. Austin McBroom and his wife Catherine McBroom took to their official channel claiming they were scammed by their contractors.

The couple released a video titled 'OUR HOUSE STORY…,' where they spoke in detail about being evicted. The couple had endlessly denied having to leave their home, but after several documents regarding their foreclosure appeared online, it seems like the ACE Family was forced to respond.

The ACE Family has become one of YouTube’s biggest content creators. They have acquired over 19 million subscribers on their channel. Their latest video amassed over 2.1 million views in a day.

ACE Family’s Catherine McBroom also revealed earlier this year that she would be launching her own channel, giving fans a deep dive into her life.


What did the ACE Family reveal in their latest video?

In an hour-long video, the mother of three explained that their unlicensed contractor scammed them. She claimed that he was using an unknown person’s license and claimed it as their own.

The couple revealed they had been unaware of this for two years. In the video, Catherine McBroom added that the contractor had got the architect and realtor on board to 'scam' them.

The family also stated that they were not issued a certificate of occupancy and had already started construction. They claimed that they were promised to receive it imminently, but they were never given it.

As the ACE Family has not received the certificate, they were not allowed to have gas in the house, which is considered illegal in the state of California.

Catherine McBroom had also taken to her Instagram stories, saying that their security guard had approached them in the middle of the night to evacuate their mansion as there was a 'gas leak.' In the same social media post, she added that they never had gas and that she was pregnant at the time.

The 31-year-old mother has also uploaded several Instagram stories explaining everything wrong with their mansion, from leaks to ill-fitted doors.

While speaking of the bad construction, Catherine McBroom mentioned in the video that their main door was warped from the heat of the sun. The couple stated that they were told they owned a mahogany front door when in reality, it was made of plywood.

In the video, they also detailed other damages they had incurred in their mansion.

ACE Family responds to house eviction

Catherine McBroom stated in the same video that the ACE Family was unable to receive a loan while facing foreclosure as they did not have a certificate of occupancy.

As the couple revealed that they had bought a new house, they stated that they did not plan to sue the constructor. Catherine McBroom said:

“As far as us suing anybody, like we should be suing these people, but yeah, time and energy like I’m just so over it, I just wanna move on. Yeah, we lost millions of dollars in this house.”

The ACE Family mansion has now been bought for $10 million, while the property is deemed to be worth over $16.5 million.

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