Alan Komissaroff heart attack: Vaccine speculation abounds in wake of Fox News Executive's death at 47 

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Fox News' senior vice president Alan Komissaroff passes away at the age of 47 (Image via Fox News)

Alan Komissaroff, the senior vice president at Fox News Media, recently passed away, aged 47, just two weeks after suffering a heart attack. Netizens have since taken to social media speculating that his death was from the Covid vaccine.

In a GoFundMe, Alan Komissaroff's wife, Rachael, revealed that she called 911, and he sadly died while paramedics were taking him to the hospital. The campaign revealed that he slipped into a coma and never woke up again.

Alan Komissaroff joined the news outlet in 1996 when it launched under the company name 21st Century Fox Corp. He worked his way to the top and oversaw the coverage of politics, including the network's busy Election Night reporting.

Update:- Fox News executive Alan Komissaroff dropped dead of a Heart Attack after "EXERCISING" at his home- Wife called 911- Heart stopped while paramedics were taking him to the hospital- Slipped into a coma and never regained consciousnessSource: toddstarnes

Suzanne Scott and Jay Wallace, Fox News Media's CEO and president of news, released a statement following the death of the journalist, stating:

“This is an extremely difficult day for all of us who worked closely with Alan, and we are completely heartbroken. Alan was a leader and mentor throughout Fox News Media who was integral to our daily news operations and played an indispensable role in every election cycle."

They revealed that Komissaroff played a key role in the midterm election coverage. They described the celebrated journalist as the "ultimate producer" and stated they did not know anyone else who was as steady or trusted to be in the control room during the organization's most critical nights.

Netizens speculate whether the Covid vaccine had anything to do with Alan Komissaroff's death

Fox News VP of News & Politics has #diedsuddenly at the age of 47. Alan Komissaroff died at his home after suffering a heart attack. Fox News had implemented a vaccine report system, where all employees were required to report their vaccine status or suffer consequences 💉💉

Twitter user @DiedSuddenly_ reported that Fox News had implemented a "vaccine report system" where employees were required to "report their vaccine status or suffer consequences." The tweet received massive traction and had amassed 57.9k views at the time of writing this article and another 1,471 likes.

Many were quick to assume that the journalist died from the vaccine shot. A few reactions to the same read:

@simonateba Be like Africa, don’t take that shot
@simonateba When will Fox reporters start to investigate the vax? Or is the independent media still the only ones willing to do it?
@BretBaier @FoxNews To young, Hope it’s not like so many others they say are due to the covid shots. People beware as many are dying. Don’t know if the shot has anything to with it. I hope not. If sod God help them all🙏🙌
@BretBaier @FoxNews RIP & May God Bless his family. He’s only 47 years young . What is going on here, I can assume he took the Vaccine Pfizer. CDC should investigate this the side effect of the vaccine is death.
@HARRISFAULKNER Vaccine heart attack. When are we going to stop this?
@HARRISFAULKNER 🥹I hate that stupid vaccine. It’s taking so many people way before their time.
@HARRISFAULKNER Vax. You pushed it. People are dying
@BretBaier @FoxNews Everyone asks if he (God rest his soul), was vaccinated? Did he?

Despite many concluding that Komissaroff died from the vaccine, Twitter user @ManInTennessee tweeted that the journalist had a history of heart problems. He reportedly suffered a heart attack in 2013, much before the Covid pandemic, and the vaccine for the same came into being.

@Dirty_Prune @BretBaier He has a history of heart trouble. He had a heart attack in 2013, long before the COVID shot.

Alan Komissaroff's family create a GoFundMe donation appeal

The journalist is survived by his wife, Rachael, with whom he has been married for over 20 years, and his children, Ben and Olivia, 17 and 13 years old, respectively. Eileen Orihuela created a GoFundMe to raise money for Alan Komissaroff's children's college fund. Describing Komissaroff, Orihuela said:

“Alan was the family’s rock. He spent decades as a TV producer in New York; he loved his work, but he loved his wife and kids so much more.”

His wife is an experienced schoolteacher in New York City. The fundraiser added:

“Alan’s overwhelming desire was for both his kids to have a chance to go to college. We want to make sure Alan’s dream lives on, even now that he’s gone.”

At the time of writing this article, the fundraising campaign had amassed $95,455.

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