"All he had to do was come check on me": Jeff Wittek reveals how David Dobrik abandoned him post excavator accident

Jeff Wittek has shared further details of the aftermath of his eye-injury
Jeff Wittek has shared further details of the aftermath of his eye-injury
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

The highly anticipated third episode of Jeff Wittek's tell-all docuseries, "Don't Try This At Home," has finally arrived on YouTube, replete with its fair share of bombshell reveals.

The 29-year old has been receiving an outpouring of support ever since he revealed how he suffered a life-threatening eye injury at the hands of an excavator operated by his close friend David Dobrik.

As a result of this revelation, the latter got slammed for sheer recklessness that almost cost his friend's life.

What is even more concerning is that he did not even bother to check in on Jeff during his recovery process after the accident:

In the third episode of his docuseries, Jeff Wittek shared his thoughts on David Dobrik, as he explained why he began to "resent" him:

"The first Instagram story would be him, and I would click on it, and it would be him being praised for something he had accomplished that week, and I'm sitting in here in my house in the worst place I've ever been thinking I'm never going to get back to where I was."
"It made me resent him. It made me resent seeing his face; it made me resent going online. It would just put me in a bad place. Like I'm healed enough to walk around, but I'm still really f****d up. All he had to do was come to check on me, talk to me in person, and that's it ."

In light of the revelation above, scores of viewers once again took to social media to slam David Dobrik for his irresponsible actions.

Jeff Wittek accident: YouTuber shares conversation with Casey Neistat, thoughts on David Dobrik, and more in Episode 3


At the beginning of the third episode, Jeff Wittek recalled the extent of the horrific injuries sustained in the aftermath of the excavator accident:

"When I woke up in the hospital, I was in pain, I was in shock, I tore some ligaments in my leg, I broke my foot, I broke my hip, I shattered my skull in nine places, I shattered my eye socket, I almost lost my eye, and I almost died."

From sharing glimpses of his recovery process with doctors to revealing how he tried his best to cope with the injuries, the third episode served as a poignant re-telling of a stunt gone horribly wrong.

In one of the most impactful segments, popular YouTuber Casey Neistat also made an appearance. He shared his own story of recovery post a ghastly leg injury, which he suffered when he was 26.

In light of the revelatory third episode, social media was once again abuzz with a slew of reactions aimed at calling out David Dobrik:

Image via Jeff Wittek/YouTube
Image via Jeff Wittek/YouTube
Image via Jeff Wittek/YouTube
Image via Jeff Wittek/YouTube

As the internet struggles to come to terms with the shocking revelations of Jeff Wittek's life-threatening eye injury, David Dobrik continues to run the gauntlet at the hands of an increasingly incensed online community.

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