Allegations against Diplo explored as his ex, Shelly Auguste, sues him for sexual battery

Diplo is being sued by former girlfriend Shelly Auguste for alleged charges of sexual misconduct (image via Getty Images)
Diplo is being sued by former girlfriend Shelly Auguste for alleged charges of sexual misconduct (image via Getty Images)

Thomas “Diplo” Wesley Pentz is reportedly being sued by former girlfriend Shelly Auguste for alleged charges of sexual battery. The lawsuit comes months after the DJ filed for a restraining order against his ex for alleged “stalking and harassment.”

The legal drama first began after Auguste reportedly issued a restraining order against the musician late last year. The Los Angeles resident allegedly accused the music artist of distributing revenge p*rn, grooming, nonconsensual sexual activity and regular threatening.

Reports suggest that Shelly and Diplo first interacted back in 2014, when the former was only 17 years old. However, in a recent claim, the latter mentioned that the duo only had a mutual relationship for a brief period of time in 2018.

The celebrity DJ also reportedly stated that Auguste’s restraining order against him was “thrown out.” But the girl spoke to Pedestrian TV earlier this year refuting Diplo’s claims:

“Diplo does NOT have a restraining order against me. I filed one against him initially and his lawyers asked that we settle it in private.”

She also mentioned that the duo currently have a mutual private agreement between themselves.

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Diplo allegedly takes legal action against former fling

Shelly first issued a restraining order against Diplo in November 2020. In response, the American DJ issued a similar order against the former in December 2020. Diplo allegedly accused Auguste of distributing sexually explicit content involving both parties.

The "Where Are U Now" hitmaker admitted to trading graphic content and being sexually involved with Auguste in 2019. However, he claimed that Shelly started sending his private NSFW photos and videos to his family, friends and former partners, after they parted ways in 2020.

Diplo’s lawyer Bryan Freedman told TMZ at the time:

“In spite of repeated requests to stop, this individual has continued to stalk and harass my client and his family for more than a year. As a result, we have asked the Court to grant a restraining order against her and to continue this case so that this troubling situation can be resolved once and for all."

The “Get It Right” creator attempted to take legal action against Auguste once again in April this year. The 42-year-old allegedly accused his ex of going the extra mile to harass him and his family.

He allegedly claimed that the girl was engaged in cyber bullying using fake accounts, stalking and threatening him with revenge p*rn.


He also accused the girl of sending racist messages to his current partner, Jevon King. Diplo went on to claim that he even sold his LA home and moved to a new place due to Auguste’s repeated appearances at his residence.

Meanwhile, Auguste denied sending racist messages to King. She also said Diplo filed a lawsuit to take revenge for her actions against him, reports TMZ.

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Shelly Auguste files lawsuit against Diplo with fresh allegations

In a recent turn of events, Shelly Auguste has now filed a new lawsuit against Diplo with fresh allegations from the past. As reported by TMZ, she has allegedly accused the DJ of soliciting inappropriate photos when she was underage back in 2014.

Auguste admitted meeting Diplo in person when she turned 21 in 2018. She allegedly accused the musician of forcing her into sexual activity when she moved to Los Angeles later that year.

She mentioned that the duo had a brief fallout in late 2018 after Auguste questioned Diplo about STI rumors. She further admitted to allegedly losing her virginity to Diplo following their reconciliation in 2019.

Shelly also accused the DJ of allegedly filming their tryst without her consent. She even claimed that the record producer allegedly persuaded her of sexual activity involving another underage girl at one of his concerts in Las Vegas.

Auguste further admitted to being diagnosed with Chlamydia. She claimed of transmitting the disease from Diplo as she was only sexually involved with him at the time. Meanwhile, the DJ’s attorney continued to maintain the accusations against Auguste:

"As has already been made clear in the restraining order we obtained against this individual, she has repeatedly stalked, defamed, threatened and attempted to shake down [Diplo] and his family."

He also allegedly called the new accusations part of a “harassment campaign” against the musician:

"These latest false claims are just part of that ongoing campaign of harassment, and we will not allow them to deter us from pursuing justice against her to the fullest extent possible under the law.”

Diplo previously called Auguste a "relentless and unstable fan” reportedly blaming her for “manipulated herself into his life." However, he is yet to provide any official statement regarding the issue after the latest lawsuit.

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