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Lil Nas X left "upset" after Nike wins lawsuit against MSCHF, as judge issues restraining order on sale of "Satan shoes"

Image via MSCHF
Image via MSCHF
Modified 02 Apr 2021

Montero Lamar Hill, aka Lil Nas X, was left distraught recently, after the legal battle between MSCHF and Nike over his controversial "Satan Shoes" went the latter's way, after a federal judge ruled in favour of the retail giants.

The 21-year old "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" hitmaker grabbed headlines across thecently with the launch of his controversial Satan-themed shoes. Modelled on the lines of the popular Air Max 97's, the shoes feature an inverted cross, a Pentagram and a message from Luke 10:18 of The Bible.

Priced at $1,018 and consisting of 666 pairs in total, the buzz around the shoes was such that they ended up selling out within a minute of their launch, much to the delight of Lil Nas X and MSCHF.

However, their delight proved to be rather short-lived as the very next day, Nike slapped a lawsuit on MSCHF, claiming Trademark and Copyright infringement.

After a formal complaint was lodged at a federal court in New York, Nike urged the court to stop the sale of the shoes and to prevent MSCHF from using their signature "swoosh" logo.

According to recent updates, the court has decided to side with Nike, after a federal judge issued a temporary restraining order on the sale of the shoes.

This ruling left Lil Nas X upset, as he took to Twitter to vent against the suppression of artistic freedom and expression:


He also apologized to his fans for not being able to giveaway the special 666th pair of his Satan Shoes:

In light of Nike winning the lawsuit against MSCHF and Lil Nas X's plea for change, Twitter was soon abuzz with quite a few reactions.

Nike Vs Lil Nas X: Twitter responds to the restriction upon the sale of MSCHF's Air Max' 97 Satan Shoes


According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, further details regarding the Nike lawsuit were revealed.

In response to Nike's claims, MSCHF's attorneys argued that the customized Lil Nas X x Satan shoes were "not typical sneakers, but rather individually-numbered works of art that were sold to collectors for $1,018 each."

Nike's lawyers countered their claims, as they "submitted evidence that even sophisticated sneakerheads were confused."

They also stated that MSCHF was trying to build a brand by selling shoes on the secondary market, as they also brought up how stars like Miley Cyrus were endorsing these Satan Shoes.

At the conclusion of the hearing, the court ruled in Nike's favour, stating that they had made a case sufficient enough to issue a temporary restraining order upon the sale of the shoes.

In light of this judgement, several Twitter users weighed in on the situation, as they responded to Lil Nas X's tweets on the situation:


With MSCHF and Nike set to go to court for a hearing on the 14th of April, it now remains to be seen if there is any other twist that awaits the fate of Lil Nas X's Satan Shoes.

Published 02 Apr 2021, 21:44 IST
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