Amazon Prime Video’s Wheel of Time season 2 drops new trailer

Wheel of Time
Daniel Henney and Rosamund Pike in Wheel of Time (Image via Prime Video)

The highly anticipated Wheel of Time is set to return with a new season on September 1, 2023. Amazon Prime Video's fantasy drama is based on the best-selling novel by Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson by the same name.


The trailer for the second season dropped on Wednesday, July 19, 2023, and gave the fans a peek into the world of Moiraine and her five companions. The official synopsis for the second season on Amazon Prime Video's website reads:

“Threats new and very old seek out the young friends from the Two Rivers, now scattered over the world. The woman who found and guided them is now powerless to help, and so they must find other sources of strength. In each other, or themselves. In the Light … or the Dark.”

Wheel of Time season two has Rosamund Pike, Daniel Henney, Josha Stradowski, Madeleine Madden, Marcus Rutherford, and Sophie Okonedo among others to reprise their roles.

Wheel of Time's new trailer offers a glimpse into the next chapter

Developed for the screen by Rafe Judkins, Wheel of Time resembles the hit HBO drama Game of Thrones, in terms of the production and cinematography, but likewise, promises to be different in terms of the storyline.

The upcoming season deals with Rand al’Thor, played by Josha Stradowski, learning that he was The Dragon Reborn in the first season.

The first season follows Moiraine Damodred, a powerful Aes Sedai, as she sets on the quest for the prophesized Dragon Reborn - a figure that is capable of the creation or end of the world. Four villagers Rand al'Thor, Mat Cauthon, Perrin Aybara, and Egwene al'Vere from the Two Rivers including the Warder Lan Mandragoran accompany Moiraine on her journey.

The summary for the Wheel of Time series on IMDb reads:

"Set in a high fantasy world where magic exists, but only some can access it, a woman named Moiraine crosses paths with five young men and women. This sparks a dangerous, world-spanning journey. Based on the book series by Robert Jordan."

In the trailer for the second season, Rosamund Pike's Moiraine can be heard saying:

“Everyone has a choice and every choice has a consequence. We didn't defeat the dark one, we set him free."

While Rand goes through an emotionally disturbing phase where he wonders how to control the power within him, Moiraine can be seen saying that guiding and shielding Rand was the only thing that mattered. Rand says:

"I want to know how to control it."

Rand was seen fighting the Dark One in the first season's finale with Sa’angreal. He broke his power in the process and failed to kill him. In another scene, he is seen talking to Siuan Sanche (Sophie Okonedo), the Amyrlin Seat, head of the Aes Sedai, where he says:

"I'm tired of being a spoke in the wheel."

Okonedo's character replies by saying:

"You're not a spoke, boy. You are the water that turns the wheel itself."

The second season of Wheel of Time will release eight episodes like its predecessor. Prime Video will be releasing the upcoming season in over 240 countries and territories worldwide.

The series is a co-production with Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television Studios.