Amber Heard's page on IMDB changed to Amber Turd by hackers, goes viral

Amber Heard's name gets changed on IMDb (Image via AFP/Getty Images)
Amber Heard's name gets changed on IMDb (Image via AFP/Getty Images)
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As Amber Heard and Johnny Depp continue to battle in court, the latter’s supporters have taken to the internet to express their disapproval of the actress. Unidentified hackers have changed the Aquaman star’s name to “Amber Turd” on her official IMDb page.

This took place amid a defamation trial between the two actors, which continues in Fairfax.

Since the former couple’s marriage has unraveled in front of the public, Depp fans have stormed the internet, dismissing Heard and her sexual assault testimony. Along with bashing the 36-year-old actress across social media platforms, some have decided to amuse themselves by changing her name on IMDb.

Amber Heard's name was changed on IMDb by unidentified hackers (Image via Google)
Amber Heard's name was changed on IMDb by unidentified hackers (Image via Google)

What does “turd” refer to? Hackers change Amber Heard’s name on IMDb page

The word “turd” refers to the grotesque “delivery” that Amber Heard allegedly left behind on Johnny Depp’s bedside. After Johnny Depp returned home, he reportedly discovered human excreta on his bed. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Pirates of the Caribbean actor said:

“It was not left by a three- or four-pound dog. I was convinced that it was either Ms. Heard herself or one of her cohorts involved in leaving human feces on the bed.”
The #JohnnyDeppVsAmberHeard trial shows us a man must go above & beyond to prove he's been abused -simply because he is a man. Amber only had to SAY the words & many believed her. Depp had to expose every little detail of his life to just get the world to listen#JusticeForJohnny

As Heard continued to deny the activity, he said:

“They’re teacup Yorkies. They weigh about four pounds each. The photograph that I saw – I lived with those dogs for many years. It was not the dogs… I didn’t feel like I deserved that kind of treatment.”

One of Depp’s bodyguards also confirmed that the actress took part in said actions. The bodyguard claimed that it was a “horrible practical joke gone wrong.”

Amber Heard breaks down in court as she recalls abuse

The actress began her testimony on Wednesday. During her time on the stand, the actress disclosed that Johnny Depp sexually assaulted her with a beer bottle. She added that she was also kicked for doing a kissing scene for a movie with James Franco.

The actress revealed that in 2015, Depp accused her of being intimate with actors Eddie Redmayne and Billy Bob Thornton, which led to Depp allegedly throwing her on a ping-pong table and sexually assaulting her with a beer bottle. She said in court:

“I couldn’t get up. I thought he was punching me. I could just feel this pressure on my pubic bone. I looked around and saw so much broken glass. I remember thinking, "Please God, please don’t be broken.”

Heard also shared that Depp verbally and physically assaulted her after becoming irritated with the actress kissing James Franco for a movie scene. She said:

“I felt this boot in my back… I fell to the floor. And no one said anything. No one did anything. You could have heard a pin drop. I just remember feeling so embarrassed.”

The defamation trial is expected to continue on May 16, when a cross-examination occurs.

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