'Anxious People' takeaway: Netflix series celebrates kindness, second chances, and confiding in others

A still from Netflix's Anxious People (Image via Netflix)
A still from Netflix's Anxious People (Image via Netflix)

Netflix recently dropped yet another international series, Anxious People, which highlights the importance of compassion, second chances, and vulnerability.

Directed by Felix Herngren and based on a 2020 novel by Fredrik Backman, Anxious People follows a satirical tale of emotions and lawmakers. The drama is centered around a masked robber who makes a failed attempt to rob a bank, later taking eight people hostage.

Note: This article contains spoilers.

Takeaways from Netflix's 'Anxious People'


The official trailer for Anxious People dropped earlier this month and it premiered on Netflix today. The series stars Leif Andree, Marik Lager Crantz, Lottie Ejebrant, Per Andersson, Anna Grant, and Elina Du Rietz.

While Anxious People might be a dramedy, it sheds light on certain aspects of life that are usually ignored.

It's never too late to be kind

If there's one thing Anxious People repeatedly focuses on, it's kindness. The series sheds light on this aspect several times in order to teach its viewers that people should be treated with kindness. The same was shown through different characters and scenarios.

Such instances include Estelle and the others helping Liv escape after her confession, and Estelle letting her live in the apartment so that Liv does not lose custody of her girls. Jim choses to protect Liv after listening to her on the day of the robbery. All the eight victims protect Liv's identity during the interrogation. Roger helps Ro and in navigating parenthood. Jack does not arrest Liv even after tracking her down.

Anxious People highlights how important it is to be kind and compassionate, as humans connect with each other the most through emotions.

Everyone deserves a second chance

Anxious People also talks about second chances. For instance, if the eight hostages had not decided to give Liv another chance, she would have been in jail.

Besides this, other characters also give second chances a try. Roger finally understands his wife's actions and decides to give their marriage another try, and Jack gives his relationship with his sister Jill another go.

It's okay to confide in others

One thing Anxious People saw was strangers confiding in one another. The eight hostages were stuck together so they made the most out of their time. Anna-Lena confides in Julia after her fight with Roger, and Julia does the same later on. Estelle confides in both Julia and Anna-Lena about the loves of her life, Ro confides in Roger when she is anxious about parenthood, and Zarah chooses to confide in Lennart.

These people did not know each other at all, which also suggests that humans may be more comfortable confiding in strangers than someone from their own circle, as judgment is not a factor with a person they do not know.

Readers can explore the themes of compassion and human connection with Anxious People, now streaming on Netflix.

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