Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes: New map, new gun, and other features

Apex Legends Season 11 Patch Notes: New map, new gun, and other features (image via Respawn Entertainment)
Apex Legends Season 11 Patch Notes: New map, new gun, and other features (image via Respawn Entertainment)
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Apex Legends is days away from launching the new Season 11, titled “Escape”. The anticipation continues to build as Respawn Entertainment has released patch notes for the upcoming season.

Apex Legends Season 11 will feature a ton of great content that includes a new legend, map and a weapon. Apart from that, Respawn Entertainment has also added a bunch of balance updates, quality of life additions and a shift in the weapons that will be available in the care package.

Apex Legends Season 11 patch brings something new to the table

Apex Legends’ new legend: Ash

There were plenty of Ash Easter eggs in the previous seasons, especially when Arenas game mode was launched. Apex Legends fans are having discussions on whether she’ll replace Wraith.


This is because her ultimate ability, similar to that of Wraith's, called “Phase Breach” allows her to create a one-way portal for her and the team. This portal will be created in the direction she looks at.

Her tactical ability called “Arc Snare” deals 10 damage and tethers a nearby enemy, slowing them down and making them an easy target.

Her passive ability looks extremely strong on paper. It’s called “Marked For Death” and shows the location of a recent death box on her map. It also marks the nearby survivors, on interacting with the aforementioned death box.

Apex Legends new map: Storm Point

Popular Apex Legends data miners such as Shrugtal and Garret had revealed a tropical map being in the works. Storm Point is the map that was mentioned in the leaks which made its rounds on the internet.

The map will have muddy terrain and will also feature Trident that will help players navigate through the map quickly.


It is important to note that Arenas game mode will not feature BR maps and will only have custom maps in the rotation.

Apex Legends new weapon: C.A.R. SMG

Apex Legends Season 11 will introduce a new weapon called the C.A.R. SMG. The gun is unique as it can run both light and heavy ammo, which comes in handy for teams struggling with resource management.

It will be able to run either heavy or light extended magazines.

Apex Legends ranked update

Apex Legends Ranked will feature a new KP modifier that will be applied to the killer. This modifier will either reduce or increase KP based on the rank tier gap between the killer and the victim.

The victim will not be subjected to the KP modifier. Apex Predators and Masters will be treated as the same tier when this modifier is in effect.

Arenas Ranked will have better matchmaking which will pick opponents of a similar skill level. Apex Legends also announced that Arenas Ranked will feature two splits, similar to the Ranked Battle Royale game mode.

Apex Legends Season 11 balance changes

Apex Legends has decided to buff Wattson for the upcoming season. Wattson’s tactical ability will deal 33% more damage. Coupled with that, the damage inflicted when crossing a fence has been increased from 15 to 20.

The recharge time has been reduced to half, that is from 30 seconds to 15 seconds. Wattson’s ultimate ability has been reworked by Respawn Entertainment.

Apex Legends has made changes to the weapons that will be featured in the care package. Notably, the G7 Scout will take Triple Take’s place. Coupled with that, it will also feature the double tap hop-up which was removed in the previous season.

Mastiff and 30-30 Repeater will receive a new hop-up called Dual Shell, doubling each round that is loaded into the gun.

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