ASICS METASPEED: Where to buy, release date, and more about the 2 versions of sneakers

ASICS METASPEED series is ready to launch two new sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)
ASICS METASPEED series is ready to launch two new sneakers (Image via Sportskeeda)

Marking a significant advancement in the METASPEED portfolio, ASICS is gearing up to launch two brand new variants of the same series. With its latest kicks, the brand aims to usher in a new age of human-centric design.

Both the silhouettes, SKY+ and EDGE+, are slated to be launched on June 14, 2022. Sneaker geeks can easily fetch their pairs via the e-commerce website of ASICS after their global release in June.

The shoe company debuted its METASPEED sneakers line in March last year. The first two pairs of this range were dubbed METASPEED SKY and METASPEED EDGE.

Both of them were scientifically designed with distinct running styles in mind. This step, according to ASICS, "takes human-centric design to the next level." Each of the two variations was offered for $250.

After more than a year, the label is back to show off the series' newest evolution and take the wearer's experience to the next level.

ASICS METASPEED sneakers are made with a human-centric design for best performance

For the upcoming releases, ASICS unveiled the METASPEED EDGE+ and METASPEED SKY+. The two improved racing shapes are designed to cater to two distinct running styles better. Thus, runners can achieve new personal bests based on the data gathered from their athletes over the previous year.

The METASPEED EDGE+ is meant to help cadence-type runners go faster by lengthening their stride and helping them to manage their cadence better.

Similarly, the METASPEED SKY+ is designed to assist runners in lengthening their stride. However, thanks to the addition of FF BLAST TURBO foam beneath the shoe, as well as a carbon plate, the shoe will bounce back more and allow for energy saving as the race progresses.

The premium knitted uppers are styled with stripes all over and feature an active FF Blast Turbo midsole foam that houses a propelling carbon plate. This facility aids in energy conservation and the ability to maintain faster speeds over longer distances.

Moreover, the tongues of these striking sneakers are adorned with the staple ASICS METASPEED branding. For further intricacy, similar discernable markings are applied to the lateral sides of the shoe. FF Turbo marking on the soles is also a standout feature of the shoes.

In Malaga, Spain, on April 24, ASICS athletes pushed themselves to achieve personal bests in the soon-to-be-released METASPEED PLUS series. META: Time: Trials was the name of the event, which presented the upcoming collection.

ASICS fans will have to wait for the price details of the two pairs to be disclosed, which is expected to happen any time soon.

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