Basketball Wives Season 10 Episode 8: Brooke gets injured amid Duffey and Nia's brutal fight

Brandi got injured amid Nia and Duffey's fight (Images via brandimaxiell, niadorsey and duffey/ Instagram)
Brandi got injured amid Nia and Duffey's fight (Images via brandimaxiell, niadorsey and duffey/ Instagram)

Tonight on Basketball Wives, DJ Duffey disinvited Nia from her concert as she felt it would make things awkward between the girls. Earlier in the episode, Nia had tried to apologize to Angel for her baby shower Instagram post, but Angel felt that Nia's apology was not genuine.

The day after the concert in Las Vegas, Duffey revealed that after she had calmed down, she messaged Nia to come to the concert. Duffey also said she never disinvited Nia's cousin Noria from the concert.

Noria felt she was targeted because Nia argued with other women. Duffey asked Nia and Noria to leave the birthday trip if they did not want to be there. The sisters refused to leave and decided to fight Duffey, accusing other cast members of being involved in this 'high school sh*t.'

Amid the confrontation, Duffey threw a paper plate at Nia, who threw back other stuff at Duffey. Soon enough, the situation escalated, and Brooke tried to stop the girls from fighting. Brooke later got involved in the fight and threw a glass at Noria. Noria aimed to hit Brooke back but instead accidentally injured Brandi.

Security had to intervene and escorted the ladies away.

Basketball Wives fans blame Brooke for the injury

While it was Noria who threw the glass at Brandi, it was Brooke who initially started to throw cups and glasses at the sister. Basketball Wives fans slammed her for starting the 'violent' part of the fight.

What happened tonight on Basketball Wives?

Tonight, the ladies took a private jet to Las Vegas to celebrate Duffey's birthday. Angel talked to Nia about the story issue. Nia tried to apologize to her, but she felt that her apology was not genuine. Nia accused Duffey of bringing Roccstar into the fight by telling him about the story, which she felt was not required.

Jennifer told the ladies that the issue was not sensitive to Nia because she had a kid out of wedlock. Nia went on a walk with Angel, and the two resolved their issues.

Duffey later disinvited Nia from her concert. While Duffey had planned to leave DJing after the event, she chose not to quit this career. She also said that she would start producing music.

Duffey met French, a music producer, to convince him to make music with her. She also tried to set up French and Brittish together on a date. Duffey said that she had never seen Brittish giggling like that before.

Malaysia and Jackie sorted things out and hugged each other, ending their fight.

The episode description reads,

"On the Vegas trip, tensions boil over as Nia attempts to apologize to Angel, but the other ladies aren't convinced she is sincere. Duffey plays her last DJ set, but has second thoughts about ending her career for good."

Basketball Wives follows around the girlfriends, wives, and ex-wifes of basketball players. Season 10 of the show features:

  • Jackie Christie
  • Malaysia Pargo
  • Brandi Maxiell
  • Angel Brinks
  • DJ Duffey
  • Brooke Bailey
  • Jennifer Williams
  • Brittish Williams

Basketball Wives airs on VH1 every Monday at 8 pm ET.

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